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 Eat Me! Taste My New DESIRE Bar

After five years of dedicated research and passion for enhancing intimate wellness through nutrition, we’re excited to introduce our latest creation to complement your balanced lifestyle: The DESIRE Bar. 

Crafted for those who appreciate the harmony of nature and science in pursuit of their wellness goals, our new bar is a testament to the beauty of combining wholesome ingredients with a touch of nature’s wonders.

What Makes the DESIRE Bar Unique?

Our DESIRE Bar isn’t just another snack. It’s a carefully formulated blend of natural ingredients, including the nourishing goodness of chocolate, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and tapioca from the cassava plant. With an emphasis on whole foods, we’ve steered clear of ultra-processed ingredients to offer you a genuinely wholesome experience.

The Power of Nature in Every Bite

Each DESIRE Bar includes selected ingredients like Maca and Cacao, chosen for their history of use and general wellness properties. While we’re inspired by the stories of these ingredients enhancing vitality, we encourage you to see the DESIRE Bar as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Special Offer: DESIRE Bar Taste-Test Trio

To celebrate the launch, we’re offering an exclusive Taste-Test Trio deal. Buy one DESIRE Bar, and get two additional bars on us for just $2.95 + shipping. It’s a perfect opportunity to savor the unique flavors and decide for yourself how well they complement your wellness routine.

Buy One Get Two Free ⇐ Goes Down Easy! The DESIRE Bar

GIVE ME A WHOLE BOX OF 12 DESIRE Bars ⇐ I’m Committed To My Sexual Vitality

Susan Desire Bar

Crafted With Care in Riverside, California

Our commitment to quality extends to our manufacturing process. Produced in Riverside, California, our facilities adhere to high standards, ensuring that every bar meets our strict quality criteria.

Try It, Love It, Share Your Thoughts

We’re confident in the delightful taste and quality of the DESIRE Bar and can’t wait for you to try it. If you enjoy your experience, we’d be thrilled to hear from you. Your feedback is invaluable, helping us to refine and celebrate the products you love.

Get Your Taste-Test Trio Today

Ready to explore a new addition to your wellness journey? Click here to secure your Taste-Test Trio. Remember, this offer is for a limited time while supplies last.

desire bar 3d

Now offered by the box!

Buy A Dozen DESIRE Bars ⇐ Keep Them In Your Purse, Your Car, Your Cabinet

GIVE ME A WHOLE BOX OF 12 DESIRE Bars ⇐ I’m Committed To My Sexual Vitality

We’re here to support your journey toward a balanced and joyful life. The DESIRE Bar is a step in that direction, offering a blend of taste and wellness-inspired ingredients for your daily routine.

Desire Bars are made in an FDA-registered facility with Certified Good Manufacturing Practices

FDA Certified

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