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Intensifying Body Pleasure (Part 3 of 8)

Hello there Sugar Bear!

How are tricks? Things are fabulous with me. I’ve been on fire lately and loving life. It’s partly because of the off-the-hook, outrageously orgasmic sex I’ve been having lately. Who knew the sixties were so sexy?

I have yet another fascinating insight for you today. This time it’s about female orgasm, but it could as easily be about increasing male orgasmic sensation, too, since it applies to the human operating system, not to the XX vs XY body.

Note: If you’ve missed the first two Arousal series articles laying the groundwork for this, read them when you’re done. I’ll put the links at the bottom. 

As you know, I’m a proponent of orgasmic activation — stimulating many erogenous zones to achieve the 20 kinds of orgasms the human body can have. And I am always telling you how to activate new neural pathways by touching more areas of the vulva than just the clitoral tip or the vagina — that it’s all orgasmic, as are our breasts, nipples, mouth, tongue, lips, throat, belly, feet, and ass to name the majors. We can come from being touched in all these areas, not just on the clitoris or the penis.

So I was extremely pleased to see new research emphasizing sexual pleasure by Dr. Nan Wise, a neuroscientist. Nan’s latest book, Why Good Sex Matters helps you understand the seven core human emotions so you can restore your brain-body balance to pleasure. She is a neuroscientist who put women in an fMRI system to see what parts of the brain light up when various erogenous zones are pleasured.

What Nan confirmed is what I’ve been saying. When you stimulate multiple body areas simultaneously, you increase orgasmic ecstasy. Here is a chart from a recent presentation that shows how stimulating the clitoris, perineal erectile system, vagina, cervix, and uterus light up WAY MORE of the sensory cortex in our brain.

My 7 Stimulating Sex Positions free illustrated guide is built on this notion of pleasuring multiple locations simultaneously. Grab a copy. It’s cute and sexy.

Dr. Wise put women in an fMRI machine and noticed what areas of their brains lit up when different areas were stimulated. “Stimulating more genital regions stimulates a larger region of the sensory cortex.” This results in more profoundly pleasurable orgasms.

During good sex, as in sex that is focused beyond just the penis in the vagina, your heart rate and blood pressure go up, your pain decreases, and your pupils and all the sphincters of your body dilate (such as the entrance to the vagina), you release dopamine and oxytocin, and have what the scientists call, “orgasmic seizures.” 

These “seizures” or contractions reboot the nervous system to lower stress, release an endocrine cascade of feel-good neurotransmitters and hormones, bond you to your lover, and even make you less annoyed with people. 

Moreover, they send massive amounts of blood to the brain. And you know blood flow is healing. So if you wish you had more cognitive function, have more orgasms! 

When you stimulate the nipples, cervix, vagina, and clitoris all at once, you get the entourage effect of more orgasmic pleasure. That’s why something like Headboard Daddy or Chingalinga (two of the 7 Stimulating Sex Positions) work so well — they do just that. And now we have proof that you get more pleasure with more stimulation.

So if you’re not putting a vibrator on your clitoris during penetration*… if you’re not having your breasts and nipples stimulated during penetration… if you’re not kissing during penetration… TRY IT! Even if it feels weird at first (read my recent article on orgasmic activation), your body will begin to love it, and you’ll come better.

My favorite vibes for clitoral stimulation during intercourse are low-profile bullet vibes. My Quiet Vibe Award winners are

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. The DiGiT is the best of the three because of the ring handle, which makes it easy to hang onto with lubed-up fingers.

And guys, your nipples can learn to be sensitive too. It’s a mind block, not a body block. Let go of your limiting beliefs and raise your sexual abilities higher. We love when you are feeling great. Kiss, get your balls fondled, try a prostate vibrator, enjoy some full body touch, and it will all make your orgasms even more satisfying.

I believe men have been short-changed even worse than women have around their sexuality and orgasmic capacity. In next week’s story, I’ll elucidate.

For now, get those hands moving, vibes on, tongues in each other’s mouths, and man hammers in velvety pouches. Sex… it just keeps getting better. 

Check out my previous articles in this “Arousal Series.” 

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If you’re feeling low libido, try my DESIRE trio of three supplements with a daily multivitamin multi-mineral complex. Try one of each for a month. Start with any of the three and continue. 

Get more Orgasmic Activation tips here!

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