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Announcing Susan Bratton’s NEW Quiet Vibe Awards!

It’s a glorious day here in Southern California. I’m by the ocean and just finished off the latest of my many irons in the fire… my Quiet Vibe Awards program and companion Quiet Vibe Guide.

One of the things that makes me good at expanding my pleasure skills is that I can feel what happens in my body and describe it to you. This access to my felt sense comes from me being an “HSP” or highly sensitive person. 

Being highly sensitive is a double-edged sword because it makes me sensitive to light too bright, temperature too warm or cold, bedding, lovers and lingerie too scratchy, and music or sex toys too loud. 

Even if you’re not annoyed by noisy toys, you may have kids or family in the house or live with roommates you don’t want to know when you’re pleasuring with toys. That’s why I founded the Quiet Vibe Awards. To give you my top 10 best toys for male and female pleasure and solo and partnered pleasure.

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Quiet Vibe


In addition to the science-based awards and the entertaining guide, I also created a series of 10 videos where I show you how to use each product. These are actual videos of me using the vibrators and toys on myself. They align with my brand of “steamy sex ed,” combining sexiness with education. I’m stepping into a new level of sharing myself. It feels right to me and is done in service to your edification. 

I want to stand for ageless sexuality. At 61, I’m still scaling to my sexual peak. You’ll find the videos to be a turn-on and a tune-in to all the fun you can add to your sex life with the best pleasure devices… Chosen by your favorite experienced sexpert, Susan Bratton. 

Y’all still tell me you stink at integrating toys into your lovemaking. It’s time, {FIRST_NAME Lover}, to pick the one or two that tickle your pickle and start playing.

You can simply download the Quiet Vibe Guide here or hop on over to my new VIP Membership at my OnlyFans to get the videos. My new VIP membership is $14.99 per month, which includes all ten demo videos plus 50% off all photo and video sets and additional content available to my free members. I have more super sexy stuff coming your way as a VIP. 

Susan’s OnlyFans VIP Membership ⇐ $14.99 per month, cancel anytime. Includes 10 Sex Toy Demos + 50% Off All Future Photo and Video Sets 

Susan and her Toys

Email me or leave a comment for any questions you have about any of the toys. If you can’t decide which to try, send me the story of your current sex life, and I’ll make recommendations. 

Don’t miss all the other goodies we’ve created for your enhanced pleasure. Oh, and here’s a discount link to see me at the Biohacking Conference in Orlando in June. I’m keynoting there. 

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