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Misdiagnosed Sexual Issues

Lacking intimacy and passion in the bedroom? 

Sometimes, the root problem isn’t as obvious. There are instances where sexual issues are misdiagnosed. That’s why today’s video interview is a must-watch. 

Evan Brand, a functional medicine doctor, helps his clients get to the root of their problems with sexual function, libido, and overall general atrophy and lust for life.

Most of his patients come to him with “common-sounding” problems, but as Evan digs deeper, he discovers the natural causes often come from unlikely sources.

Join us as we tackle misdiagnosed sexual issues in this eye-opening BetterLover episode. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Misdiagnosed Sexual Issues 


As you go along the video interview, you will discover the following:

  • Most common problems forming a trend in relationships these days
  • How mold problems cause hormone imbalances and nitric oxide deficiencies and end up affecting intimacy and passion in relationships 
  • How gut infections from fungal/bacterial overgrowths release toxins into the bloodstream and cause inflammation, decrease libido, and damage overall health. 
  • Why are more men now getting yeast infections and fungal overgrowths that ruin their sex lives? 
  • A weird reason why women get pain during intercourse and why some women get severe UTIs a few days after having sex 
  • How technology and intelligent devices can disrupt sex drive, sperm count, and quality, as well as testosterone levels in men and overall hormone levels in women 
  • Why scheduled sex is one of the best ways to keep intimacy and passion in long-term relationships 
  • How technology, modern diets, as well as anxiety/depression drugs contribute to why 20-25 year-olds have the least sex in this generation
  • Why I consider gluten to be “the devil” in modern diets and how it practically ruins your overall health and affects so many aspects of your sexual vitality 
  • The most critical tests, steps, and modifications to unwind your health and rebuild it from scratch back up to optimal health

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Misdiagnosed Sexual Issues 

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