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Female Orgasm Day Videos Are Here

Do you have your sex plan ready?



August 8th is celebrated as International Female Orgasm Day.

It’s a day to mark the right for a woman to experience sexual pleasure. This day reinforces the self-esteem of women around the world and gives them the understanding that they have the right and freedom.

To live however they want and decide how to explore their sexual nature and desires. 

To celebrate International Female Orgasm Day, Hot Octopuss interviews women of different backgrounds on essential topics relating to being a woman exploring her sexuality.

Check Out The Videos Here ⇐ Female Orgasm Day Playlist


In one of our most gripping videos in the series, we asked women how society wants women to act… these were some of the answers. 

“Women should be nice. Polite. You shouldn’t be frigid, but you can’t be a sl*t.”

“To be very agreeable. To have manners and respect.” 

“Wear lipstick. Shouldn’t have too many opinions.” 

“You shouldn’t be too sexual unless it’s for a man’s pleasure.”

Then we asked them how they think women SHOULD act… and their answers gave us goosebumps.

The playlist contains several videos spanning multiple topics, such as:

  • How Women Should Act 
  • Orgasms and Pleasure 
  • Fake Orgasms
  • Porn
  • Perceptions and Stigma
  • Self Love 
  • Sex Plan and Toys
  • Advice/How to own your pleasure

Check Out The Videos Here ⇐ Female Orgasm Day Playlist 

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