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Bugs Not Drugs: Produce More Hormones Part 1

Bugs, not drugs. The majority of diseases and dysfunctions start in our gut.

Our microbiome gets overwhelmed by the antibiotics and toxins in our lives, losing protective power and function, then exposing us to outside invaders or even autoimmune diseases.

Chronic disease is on the rise. 1 out of 2 people will develop cancer by age 85. Close to 1 out of 4 people will get heart disease. And Alzheimer’s cases have risen to 125%. 

Sobering facts, I know, but there’s shimmering hope yonder.

Today’s video is with my friend, Dr. Grace Liu. She is a microbiome expert, clinical pharmacist, and functional medicine practitioner. She also started The Gut Institute. 

Watch our video to discover some of the most profound information on our gut microbiome, how it protects us, and how our actions can either add cracks or help heal our body’s number one defense system. 

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ Bugs Not Drugs: Produce More Hormones Part 1


Our topics range from the basics of the gut microbiome to advanced information that includes: 

  • How if your partner has gut problems, you may have them too 
  • The single biggest reason people suffer from loss of libido and vitality 
  • How our gut’s demise can bring low testosterone and erectile dysfunction in men, PCOS, low libido, and infertility in women
  • How our gut microbiome manages hormones
  • Gut stress, what it is, and how to combat it 
  • How do our bodies get parasites and diseases when we travel 
  • The most critical tests to reach a level set on your gut health
  • Good bacteria, Bad bacteria, and the intricacies in between 
  • How to check for fungal and bacterial overgrowths 
  • Initial steps to take to heal your gut microbiome 

All these and more in my video interview with Dr. Grace Liu.

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ Bugs Not Drugs: Produce More Hormones Part 1

bugs not drugs

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