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Detoxing Hormone Disruptors

How likely are you to be exposed to toxic heavy metals? 

When I asked Dr. Dan Pompa how many people most likely need to detox, his answer was a resounding, “All of them! All of us!” 

That’s because just about everything we touch, the food we eat, the packaging we put our food in, the air we breathe… have already been contaminated in one way or another with some chemical toxin or dangerous heavy metal. 

Now I’ve already talked about many detox options in the past… 

But did you know there is a right way to get started on your detox journey? 

For today’s video, I talked with Dr. Dan Pompa about his personal story of how he got started in detox programs and picked his brain for all his secrets.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Detoxing Hormone Disruptors


Dr. Dan’s expertise with detoxing is expansive, and it shows how much we can talk about in today’s video.

These are some of the topics we discuss inside: 

  • How people get exposed to heavy metal poisoning and other hormone disruptors 
  • Leading causes of hormone problems we’re unknowingly exposing ourselves to every day 
  • How heavy metal poisoning can be passed down through family generations 
  • How to start your detoxification journey at a pace your body can handle 
  • How zeolites like Cytodetox remove heavy metals from our body 
  • Why detoxification should not be a one-time thing 
  • Three steps to “exchange” your current lifestyle with hormone-healthy practices 
  • Dr. Dan Pompa’s phase-by-phase roadmap to going through his recommended detoxification system 
  • What are the most significant appreciable differences after patients go through the proper detoxification process
  • How fasting can save lives and produce free, healthy stem cells 
  • Hidden benefits of fasting to your body and mind 

Whether you’ve already dipped your toes into hormone balancing and heavy metal detoxification, or if you’re still utterly new to this world…

You’re going to want to listen to every minute of this interview. 

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ Detoxing Hormone Disruptors 

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