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Try These 4 Kinds Of Touches (Passion Playdates #12)

Passion Playdates are when you and your partner set aside a specific time for passion play. You plan for (and look forward to) sensual “private” activities where you come together as beginners to learn new things.

Think of Passion Playdates as fun “couples sexercises” that grow and enrich your intimacy — physical and emotional.

This is hot monogamy at its best, and it’s also great for singles who date!

We’ve had quite a few advanced Playdates in the last few weeks… 

So now I want to take a step back and speak about something foundational but still essential to remember when doing even the most advanced playdates. 

How to “Touch” your partner.

Now, I’m not talking about where to touch. Nor am I talking about a technique. 

This is about how YOU put yourself in specific states where you send and receive varying emotional and physical messages through touch. 

Let me explain. 

There are four essential touches that you can use during these Erotic Playdates, these are:

1. Still Touch 

2. Moving Touch 

3. Through The Skin 

4. Vibratory Touch 


In this touch, not only are you both staying physically still, but you feel present and alert to your partner. 

Your attention and intention are on feeling each other, even if you’re not moving an inch. 

Your hand should be resting on your partner at such pressure that it allows you to sense the flows and currents inside them. 

Too heavy a touch, and you will miss the nuances to be savored. Their breathing. Heartbeat. The almost-invisible bumps and ridges of their skin. 

Too light touch and you will again miss much of the information their body wants to transmit to you. 

Try this. Feel their body communicating to you through your still fingertips. Do this while staring into each other’s eyes. Feel the love. 


In this type of touch, you move your fingers (or other body parts) while trying as much as possible to focus on feeling your partner. 

Feel the hairs on their skin. The little bumps and ridges. Feel their shape. 

Fall in love again with the person you chose to be your lover. Appreciate their imperfections. Appreciate their beauty. 

Speak softly about your feelings while running your fingers throughout your body. Tell them how this makes you feel. 


In this touch, you move back and forth with your finger connected to your skin without friction. 

You’re doing this to create a sensation under their skin with no surface friction. 

Imagine trying to rub away pain after accidentally hitting your arm on the desk. 

It’s just like that, except with more focus and precise movements. With slow, heart-connected movements instead of mindless rubbing.

This time, you’re trying to communicate something to your partner through your touches. What do you want to say?

Use your fingers to relay your heartfelt message. 


In this type of touch, you are creating a vibratory effect. 

Experiment with whether your partner prefers to have your finger in motion or the sense that your entire arm and even your body are moving as you deliver the vibration. 

Vibrations can range from minute and profoundly subtle, to completely obvious.

This is different from regular massage as you’re not just trying to knead their muscle tissue to relieve pain or give pleasure… but instead to communicate. 

To send and receive nonverbal messages through your fingertips. 

All these touches will feel good to both of you, and it’s essential to know how to do them as you may want to switch between them while you’re doing your Erotic Playdates. 

You can try these touches tonight. Or at any time of the day. However, they’re done best during Playdates where you and your partner set aside a particular time to “play” with one another. 

Getting better at these subtle intimacy and passion techniques helps you and your partner co-create the relationship, bond, and sensual life you’ve always wanted.

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