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You’re Playing Too Small

A few years ago, I met a woman at a CEO event who referred to herself numerous times to make her seem young, like a little girl. I looked at her and thought, you don’t look young to me!

Her image of herself as “young.” She talked about “someday” and “ the future.” She was 37 years old! When you’re pushing forty, your someday is NOW.

When Tim and I did Tony Robbins’ “Date With Destiny” personal growth workshop, I got paired for an exercise with a guy who had an epiphany that he’d always looked at his life from the perspective that someday he’d be old enough to be successful finally. He was also nearly forty.

Another time, Tim and I had burgers at a bar, and a guy came up to say hello. He was curious about us. He described himself as “a backwater guy from Buffalo, New York,” but he turned out to be a guy who worked for Steve Jobs of Apple Computer.

In each case, the way these people thought about themselves was a coping mechanism for them to protect themselves from their failures.

They were sabotaging themselves by playing small and safe and not getting out of their comfort zones.

There are all kinds of ways we avoid failure.

One woman wrote asking how to get her husband back. She loved him so much… It turns out he’d ABANDONED her and his children! My advice was to let him go and find a man who would be a good husband and stepfather.

She kept saying, but I love him so much.

How can you love someone who walked away from you and your family?

What makes it so hard for people to let go of situations that aren’t working for them?

I’ll tell you.


Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

The problem with believing that is it keeps you stuck.

You have less of a life.

Taking risks is what keeps you alive.

Momentum is vitality.

Where are you caught in habits that hold you from achieving what you truly want?

Is it related to income? To love? To life experience?

You rely on us to expand your sexual universe.

So scroll down and see what calls to you today in these articles.

And how you can stretch — take a risk — play bigger. 

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