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Adore Her Mind, Worship Her Body

If you’re a woman, show this to your partner. And even if you’re single, you’ll enjoy reading this. Worship her body!

If you’re a guy, you may want to memorize this!

Here’s a secret most guys don’t know about women. 

What she wants most from you is to feel both cherished and desired.

At first, this may sound like an exercise in semantics. You might wonder if I’m just splitting hairs, making what she wants more elusive and mysterious.

Not so. My purpose in all that I teach and write is to guide you toward more love, deeper intimacy, and a more fulfilling romantic life than you ever thought possible. 

I promise you that once I explain the difference between making her feel cherished and feeling desired, you will no longer be mystified. 

Even more important, you will have essential information that is both practical and actionable. You will know what to do to make her feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

So let’s get down to it. What are these two feelings?

First, let’s talk about making her feel cherished. 


When you cherish a woman, you appreciate, admire, and honor her. In essence: you treasure her as a person. You hold her in high esteem. You naturally want to safeguard her well-being, care for and protect her, and cultivate the love between you. 

In short, you adore her. I recommend you add these words to your repertoire of “sweet nothings” to whisper in her ear: I adore you. These three little words can cast a powerful love spell, so be prepared to watch her blossom.

Okay, so you’ve cast this potent spell over her mind and heart. How do you fan it out to include her body—and her desire? Is it possible to express your passion, intimacy, and want without breaking the spell you have put on her heart? 

Absolutely. In essence: you have reverence for her body. Don’t worry; I’m not going to ask you to prostrate yourself (unless, of course, that’s your thing).

Right now, just take a moment and sense the difference wherever you are. You adore her being; you worship her body.

When you adore a woman, there’s a subtle stepping-back in awe. 

She takes your breath away. It stops you in your tracks. Awestruck; you might say words such as, “You are gorgeous,” or “What a knockout!” If you’re in public, you can pull her toward you protectively and say, “You’re quite the head-turner today, my love.” 

This lets her know that she’s being admired by other men, which will make her feel all the more special like she is your treasure, the one you cherish.

In contrast, when you worship a woman, you move toward her. You are attracted to her physically. She magnetizes you. Her yin pulls you toward her and amplifies your yang. 

It’s a directional thing. The magic words that make her feel desired might be: “I can’t wait to get you alone,” or, “I love the shape of your body.” You might even say: “I can never get enough of you,” or, “I want to devour you.”

What’s tricky is finding the balance between adoring her and expressing your lusty desire. You want her to feel both adored and desired, ideally simultaneously and, ultimately, all the time. You want her to feel surrounded by your love and penetrated by your lust. It’s a balancing act you can perfect if you pay attention.

Listen up. 

This is the crucial part and the thing you most need to understand. If you only focus on adoring her, she won’t feel sexy. If you only focus on how sexy she is, she will feel like an object. So you have to focus on giving her a balanced ratio of compliments.

Of course, every woman is unique, and every woman needs that change. But once you have this distinction and start to feel the difference between stepping back in awe and moving toward her with desire, the feedback loop will become apparent. You will be able to adjust your point of connection to match her mood and, in time, influence her mood and uplift her with your love and desire.

And when that becomes true, your relationship turns into a love-drenched, erotic dance. 

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