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What To Do After Each Passion Playdate (Passion Playdates #6)

Passion Playdates are when you and your partner set aside a specific time for passion play and sensual “private” activities. You both come in as beginners, assuming you know nothing.  Then you proceed to learn new things together. 

Think of it as a fun “couples exercise” that grows and enriches your intimacy — physical and emotional. 

To culminate this series on Passion Playdates, I’m teaching you “responsible grounding after the date.”

The act of blocking out the world and taking yourselves into your own little Loverspace is a truly otherworldly experience. You’re floating out in the ether of pleasure. You’re high on oxytocin — the bonding hormone. You may have had the physical pleasure so spiritual you felt god…

Sometimes your Passion Play Date becomes so good, delicious, beautiful, an experience that you and your lover may forget that you’re with another human being… 

The purpose of Passion Playdates is to connect with your lover and go on an intimate journey together to expand your pleasure.

That’s why you also need to ground yourself after every Playdate. 

Today’s Passion Playdate couples’ exercise is how to get back into the present moment with your lover and ground yourselves after each date. 

You and your partner can do this by applying pleasurable and steady “pressure” to each other through hugging, talking, eating, taking a warm or hot shower, or by other means, you know, work for you.

Some people find that simply looking around the room, feeling solid walls, and touching their partner gets them re-oriented. 

Others also feel that positive, bodily-centered recapping and talking about the experience during the date is an excellent way to ground yourself and put things into perspective. 

If you’re not going anywhere after the date, and you’re simply transitioning into a relaxing activity like watching TV, lying in bed, or going to sleep, then minimal grounding is necessary. 

If, however, your previous Passion Play Date was so superb that it lasted for a long time, you may want to do responsible grounding for half an hour or more. 

Take adequate time to save and process the experience. Don’t just jump up. 

Talk with your partner. 

Make sure you both are present in the moment, connecting your hearts and souls after you’ve just connected via your bodies. 

These activities not only ground you back to reality… 

They also enhance your relationship and intimate life, opening your mind to new experiences you and your partner have not had before. 

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