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48 Sexy Ideas For More Fun and Pleasure Inside

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” — Jim Rohn.

Escape to the bedroom…

Last week I told you about the keynote I did at a health conference where I walked the audience through a sex life assessment. Have you downloaded and done this fun exercise yet? Within those eight pages are 48 sexy ideas for having more fun and pleasure.

Sex Life Bucket List ⇐ “Life Is What You Make It.”

Scroll down to see what’s on my current list:

This is the Sexual Bucket List I’m giving Tim. 

  • Footgasms
  • Sensation Play (A spanking erotic playdate.)
  • ThePleX vibrating plug with remote control.
  • Petting and stroking.
  • Erotic kissing while stroking his penis, playing with my breasts.
  • Being held in a Soulmate Embrace.
  • Receiving oral pleasure outside on my new double-wide chaise lounge in the sunshine.
  • 69 Microcosmic orbit.
  • More moaning.
  • Wearing lingerie and sexy heels.
  • Being restrained on the Liberator Wedge[/am4show].
  • Another O Shot because I have some urge incontinence again.
  • More G-Spot squirting.

I will ask him to do his assessment today before he sees this. Then we can compare our Sex Life Bucket Lists. I’m going to assemble them so that we can see what looks fun when we schedule our dates.

If you’re trying new things together, it generates feelings of new relationship energy. We need that after being together for 30 years. I adore my husband and am glad I’m finally feeling better after a long-haul covid. Being sick puts a damper on one’s orgasmic capacity and libido. I feel ready to bust out to another new level of my sexual self-expression. 

A guy wrote to me asking if I had any programs for senior sex. I said, ALL my programs are for seniors and people of all ages. It’s never too late to learn new skills, like starting an Expanded Orgasm practice, learning how to give or receive female ejaculatory (squirting) orgasms, becoming a multi-orgasmic man, and adding to your oral pleasuring techniques, or learning new intercourse skills. 

Whether experiencing a new kind of orgasm, having sex in a new location, trying something kinky, or simply upgrading your skills and techniques, your sexuality is a lifelong gift to cherish and nurture.

I’m so glad you are the kind of person who supports your sexual growth — because it fuels your creativity and passion. 

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Susan demonstrates the “Bellygasm,” aka Coregasm.

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