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Get HIGH On “Sexual Energy”

Get HIGH On “Sexual Energy”

What Is “High Sexual Energy?”

How do you create MORE sexual energy?

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what people mean when they use the word “energy” in passionate sex. 

It’s an elusive term that may be unfamiliar, confusing, and not just for men. 

You don’t need to study tantra or start practicing qigong for sexual energy to become tangible. 

All you have to do is “act as if” and start to play with it, then sexual energy will show itself to you.

Once that elusive energy becomes more natural, you will be able to deepen your physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to your own body and, ultimately, connect more deeply with your partner.


A simple way to identify sexual energy is by becoming aware of the sensation of arousal that you call getting “turned on.”

You know it as a choir of responses that sing as your pleasure circuits start humming with anticipation of more pleasure. 

At a physiological level, your body and mind begin to phase-shift. 

Your breath, heart rate, the focus of attention, sense of time & space, self & other—all shift and change as your sexual energy starts to build and move through you.

These changes can be subtle or not-so-subtle.

You may find yourself panting quickly one moment and breathing deeply the next. 

You might feel your temperature rising, your skin becoming more sensitive and alive, your body writhing, your spine arching, and your hips grinding.

Your heartbeat may quicken or slow down–all these shifts are indications that your sexual energy is moving.

For those who aren’t familiar with the ebbs and flows of this energy, it’s easy to get swept away (for a man, this can lead to premature ejaculation) or washed up on the beach by the strong waves (for a woman, this can mean an inability to orgasm). 

If you’re having good sex, you likely discovered your natural ability to allow the sexual energy to build into a swell, ride it for a while, then ride the wave of pleasure over the crest into orgasm.

You may do this consciously with some measure of awareness, but even those unaware of what’s happening are, in effect, playing with sexual energy. 

Those familiar with this energy consciously cultivate it and learn to work with the currents. For them, playing with sexual energy becomes an intentional, self-directed process with infinite reward. 


But let’s step back a minute and look at sexual energy in a larger context. 

We know that everything is made of energy–at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels. 

Every cell in your body is an energy production facility with tiny organelles called mitochondria and ATP molecules running through the Krebs Cycle to keep us alive, breathing, moving, thinking, loving, and sexing. 

We can readily measure the body’s energy in light, sound, heat, electromagnetic and gravitational fields.

Electromagnetic fields surround us, and we generate our bio-electromagnetic field. This field around the body is often called the aura, chi field, or simply, the subtle body. 

Cyndi Dale, the author of The Subtle Body, says there are hundreds, if not thousands, of subtle energy fields. She identifies the primary fields as:

  • Auric field
  • Morphological field
  • T-field (thought fields)
  • L-field (subtle electrical field)
  • Universal Field
  • Geofields
  • The Universal Light Field (called the “zero-point field,” which consists of photons that regulate every living thing)


Taoists identify seven energy bodies: physical, chi, mental, emotional, psychic, karmic, essence, and the Tao.

You’re probably wondering what all this esotericism has to do with better sex, so let’s bring it back.

My friend and business partner Jim Benson uses the metaphor of tuning forks to explain orgasmic or sexual energy.

If you tap a tuning fork and hold it next to another tuning fork, the second fork will begin to reverberate at the same frequency as the first.

This happens when a man or woman picks up on their partner’s sexual energy and gets turned on.

Tuning Fork Technique ⇐ Make Her Whole Body Feel Waves And Waves Of Orgasmic Pleasure (Let Her Vibrate… Shake… And Climax With You)


Said, sexual energy is your vital life force, a natural resource of the body that becomes highly charged by feelings of pleasure and arousal.

This charged-up energy allows you to connect more deeply and become more attuned to your lover.

With skill and practice, you can super-charge this sexual energy.

Learning to tune into and play with sexual energy is quite simple.

You need only become more intimate with your breath and your five senses, particularly your sense of touch.

I recommend you develop this greater intimacy with yourself first. Then you can bring that heightened awareness to your partner.


When two people consciously decide to play with sexual energy, it’s worth starting with a  practice called eye-gazing.

  • Start by looking into each other’s eyes with a soft gaze.
  • Let go of your thoughts as much as possible. 
  • Let go of the assumptions you’ve made about the person before you. Become curious about who they are beyond what you already know.
  • Now bring your attention back to yourself and notice how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • If you’re a spiritual person, tune into how eye-gazing affects you at that level. As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul. What do you see through that window?
  • If you’re not a spiritual person, feel your heart as you gaze into your lover’s eyes. It has also been said that the heart is the doorway to the infinite. Whatever works for you is just perfect.
  • Now bring your awareness back to your lover. Do you feel more connected to them?
  • You can take this practice to the next level by shifting the focus, going back and forth from attention on yourself to concentration on your partner as you breathe in and out. 
  • When you’re ready, add the element of touch by reaching out and taking your lover’s hands or placing your hand on their heart. You might also climb into your partner’s lap and sit in the yab-yum position, facing each other. Synchronize your breaths in this position and feel the changes in your sexual energy. 
  • You can expand your repertoire of sexual-energy play in ways that don’t directly involve lovemaking but add to the build-up of the energy. Focus on your five senses. Use aromatic oils. Play soft music. Massage each other. Bring flowers.
  • Get creative and find ways to delight all of your senses. The sexual energy will build, and you’ll kiss and caress each other before you know it.
  • Once you start making love, breathe deeply together and intentionally spread the sexual energy through your body.
  • Draw the energy up from your loins to your heart and head. 
  • When you touch your lover, imagine you can direct your desire down through your fingers and into your partner. Play with that energy.
  • For the men, be attentive when you are inside them. See if you can send your sexual energy down through your penis and into her body. Focus more on feeling her than pushing in and out of her.
  • For the women, allow yourself to open and receive his energy. See if you can enable it to flow through your vagina and into your body like a river, then allow it to flow back into his body.
  • Once the energy reveals itself, you can experiment with more advanced practices.


One of my favorite teachers, Dr. Patti Taylor, taught my husband and me simple techniques to build sexual energy and deepen our connection, eventually leading to expanded orgasms.

One of the most basic stroke techniques is called an intentional down-stroke. 

You use your energy to calm your partner’s sexual energy, so she doesn’t climax too fast. 

With Expanded Orgasms, you use a series of clitoral strokes to link orgasms together and stack them into increasing peaks of pleasure.

Give Her An Expanded Orgasm Tonight (FREE Book) ⇐ Not The Regular, Boring Ol’ Orgasm (This One’s Electric!)

high sexual energy


Just as in physics, what goes up must come down. If you drive a woman too fast with sexual energy, she can tire out.

But if you bring her up, give her a little stimulation break, then take her up again, you stair-step her nervous system, so each orgasm feels better than the next.

Experienced strokers (givers of the Expanded Orgasm stroking techniques) can look like they’re doing the same simple, light clitoral stroke repeatedly, even though energetically, they are sending more energy alternately with less energy through their fingertips. 

Women who have an Expanded Orgasm practice with their lovers become very tuned in to the circulating sexual energy with their partner during an orgasmic genital massage session. 

The 21 Erotic Playdates inside the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program teach couples how to spiral their sexual and subtle energy systems together like a DNA double-helix. 

With practice, you can expand the length of her climax and string multiple orgasms together so she can come for up to an hour. It’s a pretty great practice.

Learning to play in this way can allow a couple to channel sexual energy into their bodies and, ultimately, connect with Source, Spirit, God, Universal Light–whatever you want to call it. 

You and your lover can touch the ONENESS that precedes and infuses all things, which will light up your relationship with a breathtaking sense of connection. 

Susan Bratton is a trusted hot sex advisor to millions of couples. Get her free report, “What IS Expanded Orgasm?” Or watch “The Tuning Fork Technique” for unlimited sexual stamina. 

high sexual energy

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