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8 Heart Health Metrics You Need To Track NOW

8 Heart Health Metrics You Need To Track NOW

What is a heart health test?

This month I’m delighted to be interviewing 30 doctors and experts in health for a Men’s Optimization Summit that will debut this fall courtesy of GAINSWave. I’m the host of the event, which is a real honor. I get to talk to thought leaders, from Tony Horton, creator of the P90X, to holistic cardiologists like Dr. Joel Kahn.

This morning, I interviewed Dr. Khan about preventing and reversing blood fat, which leads to erectile dysfunction, heart attacks, stents, pacemakers, strokes, and heart failure in men and women. GAINSWave treatments use acoustic wave technology to knock plaque off the penile blood supply, stimulate new tissue growth, and increase hardness for better erections. Dr. Khan drove home the point that erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest signs of heart disease. 

Note: Women are AS AFFECTED by heart disease as men. We have the same erectile tissue in our genital system. And there is now a treatment for us called, FemiWave to keep our pleasure and sensation going as we age. I just heard from one of my fans that he has been using the Phoenix home acoustic wave device on himself AND his wife. He said she’s 63 and having fantastic orgasms again from all the new tissue growth.

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In the interview, which I will send you when it debuts, I asked Dr. Kahn:

  • Is it possible to reverse atherosclerosis and remove plaque from our vascular system? (Atherosclerosis is fat in your blood that calcifies and hardens your arteries.)
  • If you’re middle-aged, can you prevent heart disease from happening?
  • What are his opinions on cholesterol, statins, and omega fatty acids?

The answer is that you can reverse arterial plaque with diet and exercise. But you have to know your metrics. And you can’t rely on your doctor to track it for you. You have to follow your data. 

The tests that Joel says are vital are:
  1. Blood pressure* — targeting 120/70
  2. Body mass index percentage of body fat** — 18-25%
  3. Heart Artery Calcium Store — should be close to zero
  4. CRP — C Reactive Protein — a sign of inflammation — Under 1.0
  5. Vitamin D levels — 50-70 ng/ml
  6. Omega Fatty Acids Index 5.5%
  7. Total Cholesterol <200, HDL <40, LDL <130 and Triglycerides  <100

There is also a low-cost genetic test for Lipoprotein (a), which can tell you if you have a genetic predisposition for heart disease. It seems worthwhile to get this fact-checked, just like checking for APOE for Alzheimer’s or MTHFR for methylation. We live in a time when genetic tests are cheap and easy. And though epigenetics (living a healthy life) are more responsible for our longevity and healthspan than genetics, knowing you have an SNP of concern helps you make even better lifestyle choices. Knowledge is power.

Dr. Kahn’s strategy is to look at all your data with you, including your genetics, to see if you’re at risk for heart disease. 

If your numbers look suspect, he may order this test. This is #8:

8. A Carotid Artery Ultrasound. It measures the ratio of soft plaque to hard calcium. Joel says he’s more concerned with soft plaques than calcium because the fatty blood indicates future blockages leading to heart attacks than the calcification scores. 

If he needs one, he will also order a Coronary CT Angiogram. This lets him look at the arteries, but it uses radiation, so he leverages it sparingly.

We talked about the oral microbiome and how the bacteria in your mouth can exacerbate heart disease. Some bacteria accelerate the calcification of the plaque in your veins. Joel explains that the calcification of the arteries erodes your range of motion and physical ability.

You already know that a big fat gut is killing you. That not being able to touch your toes is shortening your life. Dr. Kahn is a plant-based cardiologist. He cautions against too much saturated fat from meat and dairy. Upping your veggie game gives you the colorful components that keep your blood clean and moving effortlessly through your body. 

If you want to learn more about what foods to eat to increase your health span and support your epigenetics, read Younger You: Reduce Your Bio Age and Live Longer, Better by Dr. Kara Fitzgerald. This book explains how certain foods are required for DNA methylation. DNA methylation is your body’s system that turns on good genes and turns off bad ones. 

Adding in and focusing on the foods that support healthspan is fundamental to a long life well-lived. It comes down to nutrition and exercise, and SLEEP as the solid stool on which you can age gracefully.

If you are snoring and getting up at night to pee, read my article on mouth taping. It works. You can ease yourself into it and train your nasal passages back open again, so you produce nitric oxide at night and get a whole night’s rest.

1 Weird Intimacy Tip ⇐ The Benefits of Mouth Tape For Sleep

I got into a conversation with Dr. Harry Adelson, a stem cell expert I interviewed for The Men’s Optimization Summit. He said he had terrible nighttime urination issues and tried the taping. Soon, he was experiencing nighttime erections again at night and sleeping through the night.

Men need nighttime erections to stretch the penile tissue out so that it doesn’t atrophy. If you’re low on Nitric Oxide production, your morning wood and nighttime erections suffer, which leads to your penis shrinking as you age. Same for women. As we lose our ability to produce nitric oxide, we can’t get blood into our pelvis to lubricate our vagina and engorge our genitals for pleasurable sex.

You don’t want to get dehydrated by not drinking fluids so that you won’t have to pee at night. A better way is to train yourself to sleep with your mouth closed by slowly adjusting a small piece of tape over your lips at night. You can start small and work your way up.

1 Weird Intimacy Tip ⇐ The Benefits of Mouth Tape For Sleep

Our bodies require balance: good hydration, sleep, exercise, and nutritious foods that support our health. Dr. Fitzgerald says leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, colorful veggies (especially beets), pumpkin and sunflower seeds, clean proteins, healthy fats, and fermented foods are essential. You can take FLOW, my nitric oxide booster made from organic fruit and veggies. But it would be best if you also ate a rainbow of vegetables.

Up To 33% OFF On FLOW ⇐ 3 Bottles Every 3 Months Option (plus FREE Shipping for US-based orders over $50 or International Orders over $75)

We are blessed to have access to valuable health content. Tracking your heart data is ground zero for a good life lived long.

Don’t become a frail older person with heart issues or the person that drops dead at 50 of a heart attack like my friend Sean did this week.

Start tracking your metrics. It’s the age of the quantified self. 

*Joel says to get a blood pressure cuff at the drug store and take three readings. The first two won’t be accurate. It takes time to calm down when the device beeps. Hypertension is a silent killer. Keep track of your BP.

** The two best ways to get your body fat measurement are either an InBody test or a DEXA scan, which gives you bone density information. InBody machines are all over the world. You can go to their website to find one in your area. DEXA scans are often mobile buses that come to hospitals, libraries, and other events where you can schedule an appointment, kind of like a bloodmobile.

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