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Book Review: The Align Method by Aaron Alexander

The Align Method: A Modern Movement Guide for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind and Stress-Proof Life

I admit I overuse the phrase, “little hinges that swing big doors.” It’s just such a perfect description of something I really love: A simple technique that creates profound results.

That’s why I was repeatedly delighted with Aaaron Alexander’s book, The Align Method. I love the myriad little things he offers that make a huge difference in my personal power, my energy reserves, my beauty and vitality.

For example, my morning ritual is to take SAM-e to keep me happy and support my methylation pathways, which turn on my “good genes.” I wear my red light cap to support regrowing my hair after long haul covid while I’m using my red light belt to tighten my belly skin after losing 30 pounds. I sip coffee, scroll Twitter news, text my Mom, visualize my day, post on Instagram and read a chapter of a book. Then I get up, go work out with my trainer and then begin my work day.

This morning ritual supports my strategy of doing things that keep me young and fighting aging while avoiding rushing to work. The book I just finished this morning is Aaron Alexander’s highly-recommended book, The Align Method. I wanted to sit right down and encourage you to buy this book. Aaron also has a podcast to which I regularly listen not surprisingly called, Align. He’s a humble, curious interviewer whose guests continually delight me.

The Align Method is a book you need. Here’s why. Aaron is a somatic expert. He understands body-based modalities and collects them like gems. What I’ve learned in working with thousands and thousands of people over nearly two decades is that we can’t talk or rationalize our way out of our issues. We can’t take supplements instead of moving our body. And we need to employ touch, movement and techniques that let us release traumas, restore function and expand pleasure. The more you put your body in alignment and balance, the more personal resources you have to deal with the natural stress of life.


The Align Method book is a collection of super simple strategies for keeping yourself in healthy balance. Throughout the book Aaron demonstrates easy movements that will keep you nimble, responsive, flexible and stable as you age.

I just ran over to my carpet and sat down on the floor and got right back up without using my hands. It was a fluid, effortless movement. My joints felt lubricated. I popped up like a kid and I’m sixty years old.

Can you get up and down off the floor just using your feet? Aaron explains this is a vital sign of healthy aging. Can you sleep through the night without waking to pee? Do your feet hurt or feel like the strong foundation they are meant to be? Is your vision getting progressively worse? He provides example after example of uncomplicated strategies for pushing out your health span in ways you can effortlessly incorporate into your everyday living. Nothing Aaron offers will take much, if any additional time in your day. All of this exercises and techniques are just the better way to live your life so you stay nimble and resilient.

I fell in love with The Align Method by page 10. One of his first “Align Yourself” techniques plussed up box-style breathing with wiggling, vibrating and twisting your body. We teach this technique for men who have performance anxiety or want to last longer during intercourse in our Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men program. We call it “Streaming.” If we can get a guy to work his nervous system with this technique, he can quickly calm himself and improve his stamina.

Aaron is clearly well-read across a vast surface area of body-based techniques. If you’ve been my follower for even a short time, you know how I’m always discussing the importance of blood flow for sexual pleasure. On page 39, he quotes Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, author, Philosophy of Osteopathy, “The osteopath seeks first physiological perfection of form, by normally adjusting the osseous framework, so that all arteries may deliver blood to nourish and construct all parts. Also, that the veins may carry away all impurities, dependent upon them for renovation. Also that the nerves of all classes may be free and unobstructed while applying the powers of life and motion to all divisions, and the whole system of nature’s laboratory.” (i.e. your beautiful body…)

Aaron collects alignment positions the way I collect sex positions. 😂 They all have a place in your pleasure chest. Pick up this book and add a few extra movements to your existence. Throw a ball. Do a pull up. Kick off your shoes. Improve your body language. Chock full of little hinges that swing wide the door of vitality⸺The Align Method is highly recommended.

Susan Bratton, “Intimacy Expert To Millions💋” strives to transform having sex into making love for singles and couples worldwide. Follow her on Instagram @susanbratton

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