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How To Make Her Climax Better, Faster, and More Easily

I am on a lot of podcasts and summits, as you know. Once in a while, there’s a particularly stand-out interview that encapsulates so much of my good advice in a single serving that I want to earmark it for your viewing or listening. Read on to learn how to have a penetration orgasm.

This one is all about giving a woman not only all the kinds of orgasms her body is capable of having but also how to give her orgasms from intercourse. Because a study by Dr. Laurie Mintiz found that men can climax from intercourse while women struggle to do so. This is called the “Orgasm Gap.” The gap between how easy it is for him and how hard it is for her.

Many couples don’t understand that orgasms from intercourse are simply a learned skill. They give up. Then she doesn’t want frequent lovemaking, and the relationship becomes strained. Often this causes cheating and divorce. And I want to close that gap – I want you to know what it takes to cross the orgasm chasm. 

Today, Dr. Nancy Moonstarr and I will talk to you about how you can have incredible orgasms from penetration. In this video, Nancy and I cover: (scroll down)
  • How to learn to orgasm from intercourse as a woman.
  • What the 20 kinds of orgasms are that any woman can have.
  • How to expand any woman’s orgasmic capacity.
  • How to get her to let you give her these orgasms if she’s resistant.
  • What you can expect when she starts having these orgasms so she’s encouraged to keep going.

I want to tell you that every woman has an unlimited ability to orgasm! As her male-bodied partner, you need to be her masculine sexual leader and create a place for her to surrender to her pleasure.

I was 42 before Tim, and I learned how to get to orgasm from penetration. Thinking I couldn’t almost end our marriage. Now I have orgasmic ecstasy from intercourse.

There are three primary ways a woman can have orgasms:
  • Location-based orgasms: These are created by touching and stimulating different parts of her body such as breasts, nipples, lips, clitoris, vagina, anus, and more.
  • Method-based orgasms: These are techniques such as the expanded orgasm, female ejaculatory orgasm, and erotic hypnosis that can be used to bring her to orgasm.
  • Object-based orgasms: This category includes vibrators, pulsators, and other sex toys that can increase her orgasmic capacity.

Nestled under these categories are 20 different kinds of orgasms that she can have!

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ How To Make Her Climax Better, Faster, and More Easily


As well, men have a similar capacity for orgasm as women. Did you know that the penis, prostate, and testicles have the same material as the vagina, urethral sponge, and g-spot? YES!

The list of orgasms is almost as endless for men. You can have multiple orgasms, energy orgasms, heartgasms, braingasms, and blended orgasms, including simultaneous prostate and penis pleasure. You can also have nipplegasms. Yes, you heard me right. Male nipples are just as sensitive as their female counterparts. If you’re open to having them, you can have the same orgasms as she does.

When you experience these incredible body highs together, you blast into a new galaxy of pleasure, intimacy, and love. And it’s all doable, learnable and fun.

Click the link below to watch our video to be inspired.

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ How To Make Her Climax Better, Faster, and More Easily

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