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What Female Ejaculate Looks Like

A very kind fan allowed me to use this photo she took of her female ejaculate. As you can see, it’s not yellow like pee. It’s clear and a little cloudy. 

All women can ejaculate. Just like a man urinates and ejaculates out of the urethral canal that runs down the length of his penis, a woman does the same o out of her urethral canal too. The body knows when to pee and when to ejaculate.


This nectar of the female body is safe to ingest. Many lovers enjoy having the fluid run onto their bodies. It’s a sign that a woman is very surrendered to her pleasure. 

Some women soak multiple towels during a squirting session. Others just get a tiny trickle. But all women who ejaculate will tell you that it feels super good and powerful to their sexuality.

But you can’t do to women what is shown in porn. That is too rough and could be traumatic for her. Porn stars are professional sexual beings. They have more robust genitals from using them frequently. You or your wife or girlfriend have to go easy and coax out the Amrita.

I have a program created by Tallulah Sulis, an international squirtologist, that shows single women and lovers how to enjoy the bliss of ejaculation. This program is empowering, respectful, and filled with techniques to get any woman squirting with confidence.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this. When I masturbate, I find myself peeing 50% of the time. The other 50% of the time, I will squirt which is basically water but will leave a sweet smell on anything I squirt on once it dries. I’ve tried peeing beforehand but that doesn’t always work. Please help me to squirt again.

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