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Desensitized Vagina?

What can you do if you feel like you’ve masturbated so much that you can’t feel anything anymore?

Did I masturbate so much that I won’t be able to have an orgasm with a partner?

Can I rehab my clit?

Oh yes, girl… have no fear. All the answers are here:

Will I permanently ruin my clitoris if I use my vibrator too much?

Sex toys don’t desensitize the clitoris permanently. They might make the clitoris overly sensitive or desensitized for a short time, such as 15 minutes. Training yourself to come from lighter and lighter stimulation helps expand your ability to orgasm without becoming overly sensitized. 

Spreading the stimulation over a greater area improves overall orgasmic ability while lowering the possibility of desensitization. 

Categorically, sex toys increase orgasmic capacity. Primarily if you use the four kinds of toys in rotation: vibrators, lickers, thrusters, and air stimulators. Over time, using multiple toys cross-trains your body to orgasm from a wide variety of stimulation that is not all tip-of-the-clit focused.

Activating the entire vulva, including the clitoral arms and legs, the perineal and urethral sponges (G-Spot), the inner and outer labia, and the clitoral hood spreads orgasmic energy and pleasure through the female genital structure. 

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Women have as much erectile tissue as their male-bodied counterparts. We suffer from ED just like men. GAINSWave For Her, FLOW, and an O Shot will make a 50-year-old woman feel sexually youthful again. Sensation loss is slow, and often women don’t realize how much pleasure loss they are suffering from until they do these “sexual biohacking” treatments and feel the restoration of pleasure. 

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Having an Expanded Orgasm practice is the best sex technique to activate the clitoris to respond to a very light touch. This practice is a 5-stroke clitoral massage technique. It helps a woman become orgasmic. It helps women who feel they need a lot of heavy stimulation to orgasm more efficiently with a lighter touch. 

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It is a partnered practice that gives her lover the wonderful experience of delivering incredible pleasure to her. She learns to be a better receiver and her partner a better giver. It’s a slow practice that allows lovers to hone their connection skills. It teaches her body not only to come well and efficiently but also to experience very long, intense orgasms that stack and stair-step her even higher into her orgasmic capacity. The Expanded Orgasm practice is a lovely experience for women with sensation loss.

Is there any other reason I feel numb down there?

The biggest reason women feel numbness is emotional upset. The second is the atrophy of aging. The third is damage of some kind from sports or childbirth. Using a vibrator is seldom, if ever, the reason for sensation loss in the long term.

Emotional upset can be worked through. One of the best ways to somatically (in the body, not talk therapy) restore trust and desire is vulva massage. The vulva, or in Tantric sex, it’s called the Yoni, needs to be lovingly caressed and given orgasms by a caring partner. When a woman is filled up orgasmically, she can begin to forgive and trust her pleasure again. Women often are simply penetrated too fast over many years, and the Yoni no longer wants “sex.” 

Sex should be a nurturing, sensual, slow, and pleasurable experience. She needs a lot of warm-up before penetration. The hand massages can get the Yoni to open to pleasure again.

The massages have to be given for love and healing, not to get sex. Or she will not submit to receive the pleasure. It must be no-strings-attached genital nurturing.

Giving a woman vulva massages is a learned skill. It takes communication and practice. It’s also one of the most intimately pleasurable experiences lovers can have together. 

Here is a video where I explain how to give a Yoni Massage.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ How To Give A Yoni Massage

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