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My inspiration is YOU

How do you do your thinking? 

When I’m wrestling with something, I like to mull it over in my head. 

I like to think aloud to Tim in a stream of consciousness, never sure what will come out of my mouth. 

And I like to “sleep on it.”

Often, when I awake, an answer is revealed.

But not this morning… and not yesterday morning, either.

What I’ve been thinking about is this email to you. 

What can I say to you that I haven’t said that would be valuable and meaningful for your intimate life?

On our website, you can search for free articles, eBooks, audios, and videos on hundreds of intimacy areas including: 

  • Your pleasure potential
  • Lovemaking techniques
  • Positions
  • Touch techniques
  • Arousal
  • Libido
  • Desire
  • Tantric intimacy
  • Becoming sensual soulmates
  • How to be present behind closed doors
  • How to ask for what you want
  • Romance and passion techniques
  • How to rewrite your libido story
  • How to restore intimate function
  • Libido supplements
  • The all-important notions of engorgement and blood flow
  • Genital anatomy
  • How men and women like to be made love to
  • How to establish polarity
  • How to ravish a lover
  • How to transform having sex into making love
  • How and when to have the safe sex talk
  • The benefits of self-pleasure
  • Establishing your boundaries and stating your desires
  • How to use online dating
  • Romance games
  • Love games
  • How to schedule erotic playdates… and on and on.

All of these topics and thousands more are at your fingertips using the search tools at and

Every day I answer one, two, three, four, five emails from you about your issues… pointing you in the right direction for answers, giving you actionable advice to remove your roadblocks to pleasure and connection.  Every day we handle 20-50 customer care requests.

And I just want to thank you. YOU asked me about all of these things. You created my awareness through your questions, your seeking, your pain, and your desire. 

You are my muse. My catalyst. 

Your questions and problems are what drive me to keep creating solutions.

Here’s a heads-up before you scroll down and read this week’s free articles.

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