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70% of Americans are begging for more sex ed.

Did you know a lot of Americans feel they need better sex education? 

A recent survey of over 426 adults revealed that over 70% felt they could use more sex education as adults. 

What’s troubling is, 92% of those surveyed had never learned about sex positions, how to have sex, sexual health, foreplay, and even sex toys. 

1 out of 5 never had any formal sex education of any kind at school. 

And a whopping majority, 81%, learned from friends, the internet, or through trial and error. 

That’s a whole lot of lovers who need REAL help with things like foreplay, masculine-feminine polarity, sexual energy, healing massages, multiple orgasms, and heart-connected lovemaking. 

You see, sex ed is more than just about reproduction. 

Sure, that’s the most fundamental topic. However, in today’s world, there’s way more to it than just copulation. 

And in some cases, there’s a negative perception of sex. This is probably why the topic isn’t discussed as openly as it should be even today.

It’s essential to properly take your lover and yourself into your private loverspace and give each other the pleasure you both deserve.

Now, the good news is that YOU are here. You’re reading this email. This means, unlike the people who are complaining that they could use some more heart-connected sex education…

You’re taking matters into your own hands, making your own decisions, and learning proper sex education.

And I commend you for that greatly! 

That’s why I make it my mission to give you some of the best (if not THE BEST) relationships, passion, and sex education every single week.

My bestselling program is going to be ON SALE in a few weeks. It’s the best heart-connected sex ed available that I stake my name on.

It’s not vulgar. It’s lovely. 

Not smutty. It’s elegant. 

The people in the program aren’t adult film stars. They’re real lovers. 

And like so many people who’ve decided to try and check it out, you too will fall absolutely in love with it and learn how it can significantly impact your relationship and intimacy.

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