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Romance Trick #10: Love Certificate Inside

Take a romantic stroll down memory lane with me  and welcome back to Part 10 of my Romance Challenge Series. 

For the past two months, I’ve been dropping one of my road-tested Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic to add a dash of zing to your love life every week for you. Are you doing any of these???? Email me back and let me know I’m having a positive impact on your love life.

Practice today’s  tip on friends with minor adjustments if you’re solo, so it’s less intimate but still loving. Your friends want to be actively loved by you too. 

Romance Trick #10: Mementos And Declarations

One of the best ways to spark some romance in your relationship is to take a sweet stroll down memory lane. 

Here are some ways you can prepare, set up, and execute these romance plays tonight, next week, or some time in the future. 

Some classic ways are to save the ticket stubs from a concert you take her to from now on. 

You can pick up a rock from a beach walk and put it by your front door. 

I call these memory tokens. Just small, simple bits of items that can magically take you back to romantic moments and exciting adventures. 

The token can be very simple because this trick is about making meaning, making history together.

Look for small souvenirs as a reminder of your romantic times together. 

Now here’s a fantastic follow-up romance-sparking trick you can add after you do any of the previous ones I’ve mentioned over the weeks. 

Declare your undying love for your partner. 

It sounds so simple, but it’s super powerful. 

A sweet declaration of your love that makes a lovely anniversary gift is a framed certificate of your marriage. If yours isn’t “pretty,” have one made by a calligrapher.

There are wedding certificate holders and lots of marriage license frames available online. 

Or download this sample certificate and make one yourself and print it out at home. Just right click on the image and save.

Women find this sentimentality a very romantic declaration of your love. And even if men seem stoic and unfeeling, they feel a sense of warmth and adoration with these things too. They just have a more challenging time showing it. 

Sample declarations are…

“You are my lady, don’t ever forget it.”

“I’ll love you now and forever.”

How will you express your undying love for your partner? 

You can shout it out in a crowded square. Dance with her in a fancy restaurant for everyone else to see and admire. You can even just send them sweet texts of romantic declarations. 

Making the statement to them, not just assuming they know you love them, is very romantic. Don’t miss the most simple romantic action you can take.

Express yourself.

The easiest Trick is to haul out old family photos or go through the pictures on your phone, iCloud, or social media accounts and have your partner snuggle up next to you on the couch and talk about your memories as you look at them.

Another romantic photo experience that also adds to Playful Adventure is to take photos when you are out on dates. Put together one of those photo books that are now so easy to find online. Or take some pictures to a professional framer and have a framed montage made. 

These tips, coupled with the ones I talked about over the last couple of months, will surely help you and your lover spark more intimate and romantic moments for years and years to come. 

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