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How to Revive His Sex Drive

“She isn’t sexually adventurous enough for me.”

When I analyzed this data, the results shocked me.

You will not believe the real reasons that men are no longer sleeping with their wives.

I’m about to tell the story of how the brain’s inherent biases cause people to guess wrong about why their partner is not sleeping with them.

Many men suffer from diminished libido, as there are women.

It’s not all tied to hormones; that’s just a tiny part of what might be surprising a man’s desire.

Here are the reasons men state they stopped having sex, and the number in parenthesis is why women think their partner stopped having sex with them.


The first percentage is what men report why they stopped wanting sex with their women. The second percentage (in parenthesis) is why WOMEN THINK their men stopped wanting sex with them.

It’s essential to notice the difference between the two for each reason. Sometimes they are close. Other times, they are wildly different. When they are different, what the woman thinks is NOT what the man says is the reason. Look closely at these fascinating results!

According to the book, Why Men Stop Having Sex, the reasons men say they stopped are NOT most commonly because of erectile or orgasm issues.

Erectile Dysfunction 30% (39%)

  • Premature Ejaculation 16% (20%)
  • Delayed Ejaculation or Inability to Ejaculate 15% (27%)

Illness dampens a man’s vitality:

  • Depression 34% (57%)
  • Medication that Lowers Libido 21% (26%)

It’s not that these men are gay:

  • Gay 1% (2%)

They are not busy:

  • Too Busy 6% (18%)

They sometimes were not interested in sex, to begin with (3%)

Some are not as interested in connecting with other individuals:

  • I prefer to masturbate, but not online 25%* (27%)
  • I like to masturbate to porn 25%* (27%)

* According to the study, these figures may overlap.

The reasons why men do not want sex with their partner:

  • She isn’t sexually adventurous enough for me 68% (14%)
  • She doesn’t seem to enjoy sex 61% (10%)
  • I’m interested in sex but not with my wife 48% (25%)
  • I’m angry at her 44% (45%)
  • I’m bored 41% (31%)
  • She is depressed 40% (36%)
  • I no longer find her sexually attractive 32% (40%)
  • I am/was having an affair 20% (19%)
  • She is/was having an affair 9% (19%)


Men generally do want sex.

This means that if you have a partner whose desire is diminished, it’s best to start talking and LISTENING.

“We found that ED, depression, anger, discovering a computer downloaded with pornography, or even an affair was usually not reason enough to call a divorce lawyer.”

The small population that did divorce said they were ANGRY.

“They were also more likely to identify as bored, on medication, and depressed and to believe their spouses were unfaithful. They reported slightly less sexual dysfunction, perhaps indicating that they weren’t as fearful of competing in the world of single men.”


Look at the data.

When you compare what she thinks the issues are compared to what he reveals, the big disconnect comes from these critical areas:

  • She isn’t sexually adventurous enough for me 68% (14%)
  • She doesn’t seem to enjoy sex 61% (10%)
  • I’m interested in sex but not with my wife 48% (25%)


The exact reasons women stop wanting men are rooted in boredom.

Lack of passion can be reversed.

The same steps that work in my Revive Her Drive system work for him:

  1. Get Your Polarity Back (at least in the bedroom)
  2. Return To Romance (remember why you fell in love)
  3. Re-Awaken Your Sensual Selves (get out of your heads and into your body sensations)
  4. Begin To Seduce Each Other Again (move toward pleasure together)
  5. Sexual Mastery Skills (learn new sexual techniques to get better in bed and avoid boredom)


Knowledge is power… inside and outside the bedroom.

If you are no longer attracted to your wife or suspect that your husband is no longer attracted to you, you can start with LISTENING… and these steps back to passion.

This is a solvable problem.

My program, Revive Her Drive, is made for men who want more passionate sex with their wives. However, everything in the program goes both ways.

Another possible idea is to use my Magic Pill Method for three steps back to intimacy when an obstacle creates a roadblock to your sex life.

The most frequent question I receive from my 430,000 newsletter subscribers is, “How do I revive intimacy with my partner?” 

A survey of her subscribers uncovered that there’s usually either a biological (erectile dysfunction, menopause, lupus, cancer, etc.) or an emotional (depression, stress, insecurity, etc.) cause for the lull. I have found that the answer lies in a specific communication strategy that is easy to learn through my research. My 3-step “Magic Pill Method” offers a solution for many who thought they might never be intimate again.      

Overcoming a Sexless Relationship with the “Magic Pill Method”

The Magic Pill Method offers a simple communication process for reconnecting romantically and reclaiming your sexual vitality.

Overcoming physical and emotional roadblocks to intimacy may require:

  • Some simple treatments about which you’re currently unaware
  • Rethinking what sex looks like in your relationship
  • Learning new pleasuring techniques
  • Using specific pleasure tools to work around health issues
  • Rewiring your mindset to feel pleasure in new ways 

“The common thread I’ve noticed in nearly every person with challenges in their sex life has been a lack of communication and solution-seeking,” says Susan. “ People go for years thinking they have a situation that makes enjoying intimacy impossible. They hit a wall, and rekindling the intimacy feels insurmountable. The “Magic Pill Method” is an easy solution to get back the passion you deserve, no matter what issue you face.”

The 3-step Magic Pill communication technique may be used to address most hurdles in the bedroom. All thats required is a willingness to listen and a commitment to working together.

MOTIVATE: Willingness to fix or workaround.

PLEASURE: Learn new skills.

MUTUAL: Focus on both partners’ happiness.


  • Each partner makes a “pleasure” list of what works and what gives you sexual pleasure and a “pain” list of what doesn’t work or hurts you. 


  • Try to make your pleasure list at least twice as long as your pain list. Remember, if traditional intercourse is not an option due to health challenges, there are myriad other ways for you to experience pleasure with your partner.
  • Add to your pleasure list: “Learning new pleasuring techniques.” 


  • Schedule a time when you won’t be distracted to sit down and talk. 
  • Discuss where you are now and what’s in the way. Take turns sharing your perspective about what’s happening in your intimate life, and write a list of issues you would like to find solutions for. 
  • Each partner shares what they would like their sex life to look like now.
  • Create a list of actionable items that you need to do to overcome roadblocks.

They may include:

  • For ED – Research the best ways to reverse erectile dysfunction
  • For menopause – Get a consultation for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  • For depression – Schedule a date night once per week

FOLLOW-UP: Once you’ve made your list, it’s crucial to take action! Make a monthly date to check your progress and resolve any issues.

“The Magic Pill Method helps couples realize that sex is much more than intercourse. Even if you never have intercourse again because of illness or physical impairment, you can still have a fun, sexy time together that turns you both on,” says Susan. “The intimacy will help you feel better if you are ill. Having an all or nothing approach to your sexuality is detrimental to your health.”

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