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Come With Me: Susan Bratton’s “20 Different Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge #12 of 15: “Sex Toy Orgasms.”

Click here to index all 15 weeks of “Come With Me,” the Orgasm Challenge. Read on to learn how to have Multiple Energy Orgasms. Find the best sex toy.

🏳️‍🌈 The information in this article supports expression across the gender spectrum. There are only two sexes, biologically. XX and XY. This week’s sex toy orgasms work for both sexes equally. Remember! Orgasms are learned skills, and there are many ways to achieve all the pleasure available to you.

Sex Toy Orgasms Revealed

Sex toys massively increase your pleasure during partnered sex and while masturbating. They can help you have more intense climaxes, come more times, come in new ways, and have more fun sexually. If you open your imagination to your pleasure, every sex toy can be used in myriad ways to create more sensation and joy.

In this week’s challenge, I put together a list of toys I recommend for partnered play and a checklist for solo pleasure. When you have a well-curated collection of quality toys that serve multiple needs, your sexual satisfaction reaches new levels.

In this article, I aim to encourage you to add another toy to your mix and think about sex toys like tools. It would help if you had a hammer, a screwdriver, a wrench, tape measure… It would help if you had a sharp knife, a pot and lid, a cutting board, a cooking spoon, and a colander… You need a vibrator, a G-Spot wand, a cock ring, an anal toy, some restraints, and a blindfold.

Solo Pleasure Curated Sex Toy Collection For Vulva Owners

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Let me know which toys you decide to add to your collection. I love making intelligent recommendations for high-quality sex toys that improve orgasmic response.

Bookmark this index link to my “20 Kinds of Orgasms” Challenge and try them all.

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