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20 Kinds of Female Orgasms

Ready for launch, fellow orgasmanaut? Read on to learn about the different kinds of female orgasms.

Last week I showed you a video where I talked about 20 kinds of Male Orgasms. 

Well, now it’s ladies’ night!

And since orgasms are simply a learned skill, I want you to learn as many of these twenty ways the female body can achieve pleasurable climax as you desire.

All it takes is the awareness that it’s possible and a roadmap to achieving it.

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ 20 Kinds Of Female Orgasms 


When I put together my free Come With Me: 15-Week Orgasm Challenge I made it my mission to show you the path to all the different kinds of orgasms I explain in the video:

  1. Clitoral 
  2. G-Spot 
  3. Blended 
  4. Vaginal/Cervical/Penetration Orgasms 
  5. Perineal/Anal 
  6. Urethral 
  7. Female Ejaculation 
  8. Lips-Tongue-Mouth 
  9. Breast-Nipple 
  10. Feet-gasms
  11. Belly-gasms
  12.  Energy
  13. Expanded
  14. Erotic Hypnosis
  15. Fantasy
  16. Fetish
  17. Sex Toy Triggered
  18. Sensation Play
  19. Impact
  20. Wildcard

Click Here To Watch My Video ⇐ 20 Kinds Of Female Orgasms 

I also want to give you a NEW video about Libido And Arousal Secrets. 

Inside, two sexperts share some of our extra-juicy secrets about how you can increase your sex drive so you can feel more desire and arousal.

We explain the differences between masculine and feminine concerning: 

  • Libido, the urge in your body 
  • Desire, the emotional connection 
  • Arousal, how to get more turned on 
  • Anatomy, how blood flow and erectile tissue are the keys to pleasure for both sexes 
  • Biohacking to maintain ageless sex 
  • How to make love to a man VS a woman 

This is just the kind of sex ed that you’ve been craving. 

Libido, Desire, And Arousal ⇐ Watch This Fantastic Video For FREE and get the Transcript as a PDF

kinds of female orgasms

I snapped this pic this morning after my workout. I’ve been doing strength training, balance, flexibility, and stamina (HIIT) exercises and I’m feeling great!

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