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Romance Trick #3: A Playful Adventure

Welcome to Part 3 of my Romance Challenge Series.

Each week I will drop one of my road-tested Romance Tricks That Work Like Magic to add a dash of zing to your love life. If you’re solo now, practice this tip with friends. They love to be loved by you too. 

Here’s Romance Trick #3: Love Slave: Two Hours To Fix Anything.

To get your partner’s “love chemicals” pumping, you can look for ways to be their protector or caretaker. Become their “Love Slave” for two hours and take care of anything they need around the house, with the car… whatever they want you to do for two hours to help make their life more pleasurable.

Don’t tie this effort to getting some intimacy. 

Doing “chores” to help them out so you can get sex is so transparent it will backfire on you. 

As Karen Brody says in the “Seduction Integrity” module of Revive Her Drive, “We talked about the classic nice guy/girl. They’re in a dynamic of bargaining for intimacy. They’re doing everything they think they need to get good favors. 

For a lot of us, it’s unconscious. We’re in relationships and often in a pattern of doing what we think we need to do; we’re not in partnership and service to our partner. Our relationship is based primarily on “working for love.”

Like the lover who cooked dinner and got lucky once, they’re hoping it will work again and again…

As you are your partner’s Love Slave, stop kissing and hugging them as you are working. Make it a fun time together. Have them help you and tell you exactly how they want the work. Make it a playful adventure. 

You can even put a love note in their purse or wallet offering your Love Slave Services. This creates Polarity, Erotic Communication, and Desire in one fell swoop. Your effort to take care of their needs further establishes the net of safety in romance’s safety/risk duality.


Try it tonight. You’ll BOTH love the results. 

You may want to keep this one as part of your go-to romance starters.

romance tricks

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