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Romance Trick #1: Are you doing this?

I’m going to challenge you and your partner. 

And it’s going to be fun, intimate, and a whole lotta good for your relationship. 

Regardless if you’re just dating or if you’ve been together for years or decades. 

Over the next 20 weeks, I’m going to drop you one of my favorite Romance Tricks to add a dash of zing to your love life. 

I will also participate in the challenge together with my husband. 

Let’s all do this together. 

Here’s Romance Trick #1: “Notice Your Partner” 

There is nothing more romantic to a woman than when you notice something special about her. We call this “Erotic Vigilance” — one of the Four Keys to Seduction. 

It’s THIS simple to do:

“Is that a new top? It complements your shape, baby.”

“I love when you cook this meal. It always tastes so good to me.”

“You remembered to pick up milk. Thank you! You are so good at staying on top of a million details.”

When you notice one unique thing about her every day, she’ll light up like the NY skyline.

Men don’t need as much constant reassurance as women. We ladies thrive on a steady stream of approval and appreciation. We like to HEAR you compliment us. This is also a form of Intimate Communication. 

However, when ladies complement their men, it makes them feel special. Loved. Admired. 

Now, guys. By complimenting her, you are leading her with your masculinity. By complimenting her on her feminine activities and womanly looks, you’ll automatically increase your polarity and encourage her feelings of trust and safety in your presence. This is essential to promote the safety/risk duality of romantic eroticism.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone across the spectrum. Noticing something unique about your partner each day and conveying it to her will change your relationship for the better. There’s no doubt about it. 

The challenge this week is to start incorporating this into your relationship. Try it. 

Thank me later. 

Don’t you just love my Gay Pride Celebration Dress I got for our 28th Wedding Anniversary!

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