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Romance Trick #1: Are you doing this?

I’m going to challenge you.

And it will be fun, intimate, and a lotta good for your relationship regardless of whether you’re just dating or have been together for years or decades. 

Over the next few months, I will share a series of my favorite Romance Tricks to add a dash of zing to your love life. If you’re solo now, practice this tip with friends. They love to be loved by you too. 

Here’s Romance Trick #1: “Notice Your Partner” 

There is nothing more romantic to a lover than when you notice something special about them. We call this “Erotic Vigilance” — one of the Four Keys to Seduction

It’s this simple to do:

“Is that a new top? It complements your shape, baby.”

“I love when you cook this meal. It always tastes so good to me.”

“You remembered to pick up milk. Thank you! You are so good at staying on top of a million details.”

When you notice one unique thing about your partner every day, they will light up like the New York skyline.


We, humans, thrive on a steady stream of approval and appreciation. We like to HEAR you compliment us. This is also a form of Intimate Communication. 

When partners complement their lovers, it makes them feel special. Loved. Admired. 

When men compliment their women, they are leading with their masculinity. When he praises her for her feminine activities and womanly looks, he will increase her polarity and encourage her feelings of trust and safety in his presence. This is essential to promote the safety/risk duality of romantic eroticism.

Women don’t get enough pure appreciation for our looks out in the world, so we must fulfill that desire in our homes’ safety.

When women compliment their male partner on achieving a challenge, doing a great job, providing security, and appreciating his looks, men find these types of appreciation particularly satisfying.

These differences are the artifacts of hormone dominance (the difference between running on more testosterone vs. estrogen), evolution, culture, and other enduring themes of our humanity.

Just as we thrive on romance and touch, we enjoy different kinds of appreciation: ladies, gentlemen, and everyone across the spectrum. Noticing something unique about your partner each day and conveying it to them will improve your relationship. There’s no doubt about it.

The challenge this week is to start incorporating verbal appreciation into your relationship. Whether you need to get up now and compliment your partner or put a reminder on your calendar, just do it, baby! We need your love and affection.

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