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Her Responsibilities In A Passionate Marriage

What is the most important factor of a passionate marriage? What are you good at in your specific practice? Do you have a “sweet spot” for helping people? Hit us with those insights.

Let’s talk about preventative measures.

How does a man keep his sex life hot with his woman instead of having it slowly degrade over time? What should he have done (hindsight is 20:20) to stop her libido from flatlining?

Is it his “responsibility” to revive her drive? If yes, why does he have to do all the “work?” If it’s not all his responsibility, how can he get her to take responsibility for having hot sex too?

And also, what are HER responsibilities?

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What does a man not understand about a woman’s body regarding intimacy?

What can he do to and for himself to move the relationship toward more passion? Not just what he’s doing to HER – but instead, what practices, perspectives, and responsibilities are within his control with regards to his body, emotions, and spirit?

Polarity. How important an issue is this for keeping sex hot?

How can a couple keep their polarity going in the modern era of equality?

Check Out This Video For More ⇐ Her Responsibilities For A Passionate Marriage

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