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Taking Your Pleasure (Tantric Sex Practice)

Many people feel guilty feeling pleasure. Often this comes from societal programming. 

Perhaps you grew up in a very repressed household without affection or the acknowledgment of pleasure? Maybe you never had the modeling for how to enjoy pleasure? 

Don’t despair. I’m here to help you feel more sensation and pleasure with this experience that you can try solo or with your partner.

First, let me ask you. Are you feeling enough pleasure in your life?

Did you nourish yourself and your family today? 

Have you gotten some sunshine? 

Did you perform a small act of self-care? 

Did you notice something beautiful?

Or take a moment of gratitude?

When you give your pleasure its rightful due, your satisfaction towards life instantly improves.

Today I ask you to take a moment to create an opportunity for pleasure.

Many of life’s sensual pleasures come from feeling sensations in your body.


Today I want you to lie down flat, close your eyes and look inward. 

You can do this solo or with a partner next to you. 

Do a body scan. Are there sore parts? Tingly? Dull? Jumpy?

Use your lungs like a bellows — a long, soft breath alllll the way in (about 6 counts).

Then a long, soft breath alllll the way out. (6 more seconds.)

Breathe so that you move in and out very smoothly.

If your mind wanders, bring it back to your body and breath.

Spread your breath to all parts of your body. Start with the areas that don’t feel good.

Breathe into them with a loving thought.

Then breathe into the parts that feel good, alive… enliven them with your breath.

Next, breath into your genitals. Spend 5-10 breaths just bringing your awareness to your vulva or your penis.

See if you can warm your genitals from the inside with your intentional breathing.

Take as long as you’d like breathing and feeling yourself. This exercise will naturally come to an end.

You will arise feeling refreshed, turned on, and more pleasurable.

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