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Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

Breaking your own sexual boundaries.

Ask me the #1 most important thing for having great sex and my answer would surprise you.

It wouldn’t be knowledge of anatomy. 

Or the importance of making sure your genitals get fully engorged so the stimulation feels orgasmic.

And it wouldn’t be “good communication.” Or a sexual technique.

It’s “sexual boundaries.” Understanding what is OK and what is off limits in the moment and generally with a partner.

Once you know where the agreed-upon limits are, it gives you the freedom to take your pleasure right up to the edges of those limits.

Couple Looking At Each Other

This creates the perfect combination of security and variety — safe danger. The toggling between safety and novelty that make for the hottest passion. Arousal begins in relaxation. Polarity — the tension between the masculine and feminine. Stimulating and then waiting a beat for the body to surge toward wanting more stimulation. (We call this, “peaking.) All of these are two sides of the same coin that make sex erotic.

Boundaries are the bedrock of rocking the bedroom.

But they are also what keeps you in chains… stalls your sexual growth… if you aren’t regularly breaking your own boundaries.

While you don’t want your partner to break any of your boundaries, because then trust is lost. You do want to bust through your own sexual boundaries. 

By pushing yourself to pursue that slightly edgy thing that secretly turns you on you grow yourself.

Getting out of your own comfort zone by trying something new that suddenly has you aroused… maybe something you NEVER thought you’d do but now you might… this is what gets you to the next level of sexual pleasure and excitement. 

Breaking your own boundaries is hot!

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