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Vfit Vaginal Restoration: Answers to Your Deeply Personal Questions

Here’s a replay of a live event I did with JoyLux, the creators of the Vfit vaginal restoration device I so dearly love and recommend.

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I answered 11 questions ranging from their husband’s impatience with foreplay, dating in her 60’s, painful sex to lack of orgasmic sensation, and more.

Here are the questions and some of the resources I recommended. You can hear my answers when you watch the video. We went in order of the following list, so you can shuttle forward or backward if there’s an issue that resonates.

Tune in now to learn more about why I love and highly recommend the VFit and see my answers to these excellent and classic questions.

Here is the link to the particular package JoyLux made for me. You get their $65 ReVitalizHer vaginal moisturizer FREE with your purchase.

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I’m newly post-menopausal, and my husband’s libido has slowed down, but not nearly as much as mine has. Sometimes I think I’d be okay with never having sex again, but I love the closeness I feel with my partner when we’re intimate. What can I do to get in the mood when sex is often the last thing on my mind?

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When we were younger, my partner and I had a great love life, but now I feel like we’ve fallen into a routine, and sex is always kind of… the same. What can we do to switch things up and make it more exciting again?

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I’m 58 years old, and the wrinkles and extra pounds I gained during menopause have lowered my body confidence a lot. I know this is the body I’ve got, and I try to take good care of it – but how can I feel sexier and more confident in my skin?

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I’m in perimenopause and feeling so moody! How can I help my partner understand how I think and get his support through this emotional roller coaster?

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We’re in our early 50s, and my partner has occasional erectile dysfunction. So far, it’s affected our sex life a little bit, but I’m worried it might get worse as we get older. Do you have any recommendations?

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I’m a single mom, and my kids are out of the house now. I’m starting to think about dating again (once it’s safe to go out and mingle, of course), and I’m nervous! What do you recommend for an older woman who hasn’t been on a first date in decades?

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Vaginal dryness is making sex uncomfortable for me. I’ve tried a whole host of lubes, but most of them get tacky after a couple of minutes, and the dryness returns. How can I bring back the moisture and enjoy intimacy again?

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I used to have no problems reaching orgasm during intimacy, but lately, it takes much longer to get there if it happens at all. It’s so frustrating! What can I do to bring the “Big O” back?

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I have vaginismus, and intercourse is uncomfortable and sometimes impossible, but I miss the pleasure and closeness with my partner. What can we do to keep the connection alive without intercourse?

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I’m single and dating in my 60s. Since I’m post-menopausal, I don’t have any worries about pregnancy, but should I still use protection during sex?

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My husband is impatient with foreplay, but lately, it takes me a while to get turned on. How can I make the warm-up to sex more enjoyable for both of us?

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