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Traits Women Find Sexiest

A new study asked over 17,000 women all over the U.S. four questions about sexiness.

Before you scroll down for the answers, try and guess what they replied: (this will give you important insights about yourself or a partner):

  1. Do you consider yourself sexy?
  2. How women self-identify their body type.
  3. What women see as the ideal body type.
  4. Traits women find the sexiest.

When asked whether women felt they were sexy, 55% answered “Sometimes,” 24% answers, “YES!”, and only 9% said they didn’t feel they were. 11% had answers “Others.” 

These are REAL women. And they weren’t supermodels. 

They were from regular women like you and me. 38% of them identified as “curvy.” Only a small percentage of the women were long & lengthy, muscular, or skinny (which is what the media would have you believe sexy is all about.) 

They also asked what women thought were their “ideal” body type. Check out their answers. 

And here’s something shocking. 

The study also asked these 17,000 women what they found incredibly sexy. Guess what came up in number 1? 

Out of all the women who took part in the survey, only 7% found money to be sexy. And only 16% counted rebelliousness as attractive. 

So if you’re a guy, being a “rich, bad boy” isn’t what most women want in a man. 

Women are most attracted to confidence, humor, intelligence, and kindness. 

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And regardless of your gender, these are qualities that you probably already have… or you can quickly develop starting today. 

The reason why I’m showing you this is I want to let you know… 

You are SEXY when you CHOOSE to be. 

Don’t worry about what other people think of you. 

And most especially, don’t worry about what the media and fashion industry consider sexy. 

Believe you are SEXY and ATTRACTIVE. And you will be. 

That’s the all-powerful secret of sexiness. 

You are in total control of how sexy you are. Because it’s not about looks, it truly is what’s inside.

And that’s why I write to you every week. I want to show you how you too can have incredibly intimate and passionate relationships.

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