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How to Give Good Oral Pleasure: Mastering the 10 Commandments (Part 1 of 2)

This is a collection of my articles and teachings, all organized for you to become an even more incredible lover. Learn how to give good oral pleasure.

I’m about to get into the hot tub with Tim and make love this beautiful Sunday morning. Before I share all this week’s fabulous intimacy tips, I want to give you:

Susan Bratton’s Oral Pleasuring 10 Commandments

This is a collection of my articles and teachings, all organized for you to become an even more incredible lover.

1. Worship

2. Engorgement

3. Bullseye Touch

4. All The Parts

5. Blended

6. Light

7. Take Your Pleasure

8. Ride the Sensation

9. Triskelion

10. Iodine

how to give good oral pleasure


1. Worship your partner’s genitals before mouth kisses. Look with love. Pay homage. Honor. Touch with reverence and respect. Relax them with your appreciation because arousal begins with relaxation.

2. Engorgement is when you focus on filling the erectile tissue of their genitals with blood. A massage followed by oral pleasuring increases blood flow and improves sensation. For women, focus on getting their labia and mons puffy. For men, focus on getting the buried shaft engorged. This leads to massive pleasure improvements.

3. Bullseye Touch is my technique in which you stimulate your woman from the outside-in. This is vital for vulvas. Don’t go right for our clitoral tip or grab our genitals. Start with full-body touch, hugs, and kisses. Work your way from her belly and mons to her inner thighs and the outer labia. Then, the inner labia, the vestibule, the clitoral hood, the clitoris, the opening to her vagina, and lastly, her vagina. See how that goes? 

Yet for men, put your hands immediately on his penis. He wants the comfort of knowing that touch is taking place. Slowly and lovingly, touch every inch of his penis, testicles, perineum, and his shaft and head. Give him a lot of variety of sensations.

4. All The Parts need to be touched. I listed them above in order of touch from the outside-in. However, there are more parts, including the fourchette for her and the frenulum for him. I especially love the lightest strokes of the tongue along the ridge of my inner labia. Find out what parts your lover finds exquisite. And remember, especially for women and people across the gender spectrum, we like different things on different days. Don’t rinse and repeat. Be present to your partner’s biofeedback at all times.

5. Blended pleasuring means using your hands and mouth at the same time. In our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection, we showcase over 40 oral pleasuring techniques. It’s surprising the number of ways you can use your lips, tongue, mouth, and fingers in concert to be a maestro.

Next week I’ll give you the other five oral pleasuring commandments. Stay tuned!

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