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The 10 Commandments of Oral Pleasuring (2 of 2)

Read on for oral pleasure tips. We are going bike-riding today to get our sunshine and fresh air. But before I share all this week’s delicious intimacy tips, I want to give you the second half of:

Susan Bratton’s Oral Pleasuring 10 Commandments

This is a collection of my various articles and teachings over time, all organized for you to get the big picture about how to be an even more incredible lover.

1. Worship

2. Engorgement

3. Bullseye Touch

4. All The Parts

5. Blended

6. Light

7. Take Your Pleasure

8. Ride the Sensation

9. Triskelion

10. Iodine

oral pleasure tips


If you missed part one, it’s here.

6. Light and slow touch improves the pleasure signals to your brain. If you prefer a hard or firm pressure and feel impatient when you are not getting “enough” stimulation, try to relax and feel much more light and slow sensations. This will cause your body to reach for more, increasing your arousal. When you add in “intentional downstrokes” to your oral pleasuring repertoire, it will give your lover much more intense pleasure. We teach this concept in a free ebook called “Orgasmic Peaking” by Dr. Patti Taylor. It’s part of the Expanded Orgasm practice.

7. Take Your Pleasure actively as the giver. Instead of doing techniques or focusing just on giving pleasure, TAKE your pleasure. When a lover is getting off on the oral experience and not just giving oral, it amplifies the turn-on by order of magnitude. Touch and lick for the pleasure it gives you, not just the pleasure you offer.

8. Ride the Sensation like a meditation guru. Stay present in every single minute, feeling the pleasure you receive. Don’t let your mind wander off. Keep bringing yourself back. You’ll achieve more orgasmic potential when you can find what feels right in every moment.

9. Triskelion is a beautiful symbol of the symmetry of three. Remember to expand your pleasuring focus outward from the genitals to full-body touch and kissing. Take breaks, kiss your partner, and run your hands along their body to spread the energy.

Incorporating breast pleasure with kissing also takes the kissing arousal to a higher level. The mouth, breasts, and genitals are a three-way erogenous circle that builds on itself. Here is an ancient symbol called the Triskelion that depicts the balance of triple erogenous pleasure.


10. Iodine. Why? Because it’s antibacterial but doesn’t kill your good mouth bacteria. Crystal clear, sparkling teeth and gums are paramount to being an oral specialist. Also, it’s crucial to have a very clean mouth when giving oral to a woman. Her vaginal microbiome is delicate and can be disrupted by the enzymes and bacteria in your saliva. Brushing and rinsing your mouth with nascent iodine before sex will help prevent vaginal irritation.

Put ten drops of Nascent iodine in your oral irrigator to kill harmful bacteria in your mouth. The water pik can get moldy, which you want to avoid, as mold is a neurotoxin. The iodine keeps your water flosser clean too. 

I hope you enjoyed my oral pleasure tips!

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Next week, I have something sexy planned for you. Stay tuned.

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