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The Inner Strength To Thrive In Relationships And Life

To overcome life’s daily trials, you must turn to your inner strength. 

Sure your family and friends can offer a hand or a shoulder on which to cry. 

However, your final hope and most substantial bet will always be your resolve.  

Your ability to rise against life’s odds and actively seek solutions instead of wallowing in your frustrations means the difference between a life well-lived or a life squandered.

That’s why you should build your fortitude each day with mindful awareness of the bigger picture of your life’s goals.

I appreciate you and am thinking about you today. I’m sitting in my studio recording some new relationship advice for you. 

Susan With Glasses


There’s a growing trend where people are now more insecure, defensive, hot-headed, easily-offended, and quick to judge.

When someone challenges our opinions or values, we feel attacked. Then we reciprocate with the same type of negative energy. 

And this cycle continues on and on. 

If you build up your inner strength, self-control, and patience each day, this cycle of negativity can’t take root.

Just as I talk about getting on the upward pleasure spiral instead of letting your sex life spiral down the drain, I also ask you to let go of your judgments, victimhood, anger, and resentment. And begin to live in the present moment and enjoy the gift of life.

When the world hands you a bad day, think about the lessons and realizations you’ve learned during the experience. There are bound to be a few. 

Don’t act in anger or frustration when your partner’s opinions or actions trigger you. Instead, find out why. Maybe there was something you overlooked? Maybe there was a miscommunication?

So much drama in the world and our personal lives today occurs because we are quick to react in anger, frustration, hate, and even fear instead of looking to our inner strength to guide us into making the right decisions that benefit everybody involved.

Bring your loving heart to the day.

And starting today, if you haven’t been doing so already, take the time to build up and seek your inner strength before making rash decisions. 

I guarantee your life will be much better. 

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