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A Deficiency in This Hormone Leaves Men Sick and Fat…

Studies have shown there’s a link between obesity in men and low testosterone. 

Some men with low testosterone may find it almost impossible to manage their weight, but individual experiences may vary.

These reports suggest that testosterone may play a role in fat metabolism. Increased body fat could potentially influence testosterone levels. 

Another health issue linked with low testosterone is diabetes.

Studies show men with diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone. Low T levels affect a man’s ability to be robust and dominate his life and lover.

New data also suggest testosterone improves libido in diabetic men.

I worked closely with my good friend, Dr. Judson Brandeis, on his natural Testosterone-boosting supplement. Make MORE of your testosterone.

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“Dr. Judd,” his patients fondly call him, is a practicing board-certified urologist at the Brandeis MD Male Rejuvenation Center.

He doesn’t believe every problem requires surgery even though he’s a penile and prostate surgeon. Much of Dr. Brandeis’ practice focuses on sexual regenerative solutions, from his SPUNK, PreLONG, and SupporT supplement formulations to

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treatments to testosterone replacement therapy.

Here’s what having efficient testosterone levels can mean for you:

  • May promote a healthy, attractive, masculine physique
  • Can be linked to energy, stamina, and strength
  • May have positive effects on intimate and personal performance
  • Could promote overall well-being and a balanced mindset 

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Here are some of the studies I mentioned earlier. You may want to check them out. 

Testosterone and obesity

Lowered testosterone in male obesity: mechanisms, morbidity, and management Testosterone injections improved the quality of life and libido in diabetic men, small study finds

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