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Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship: The #1 Happiness Attribute (Cheat Sheet)

The #1 relationship attribute for happiness was emotional flexibility, according to a meta-analysis* by the research team at the University of Rochester, New York. Here’s a good way to increase intimacy in your relationship.

What is emotional flexibility?

It means you are willing to change your mind and plans if new information presents itself.

And that you can see many facets of a situation — your perspective as well as others.

  • Being emotionally flexible involves holding good, bad, happy, and sad feelings about things simultaneously.
  • Quickly letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you instead of holding onto fears, betrayals, anger, and bitterness.
  • Working through issues instead of letting them keep you from positive outcomes.
  • Understanding that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud.
  • Having a willingness to talk about things to come to the best outcome together with your partner or family, rather than shutting down and holding fast to a particular “position.”
  • Realizing that new information can help you refine your thinking, rather than fearing that it may change your mind.

Sharing your true feelings is vulnerability, one of the four keys to seduction in our Seduction Trilogy program.

increase intimacy in your relationship


“Structured vulnerability” is one of the best ways to seduce your partner. Unstructured vulnerability creates fear and causes partners to contract. Seduction Trilogy shows you how to use “feelings and needs” to express your desire and move your partner toward more pleasure with you.

We show you merely how to make “doable requests.”

Seduction Accelerator Cover

Within Seduction Trilogy, the Seduction Accelerator ebook and audiobook gives you:

  • Safe Ways To Ask For Intimacy
  • A Feelings Inventory
  • A Needs Inventory
  • And Sex and Love Styles

If you want more intimacy than you are getting, start with the Seduction Trilogy. Dr. Patti created this to teach partners how to seduce each other. And Sloane read the audiobooks in her sultry voice.

The Seduction Trilogy ⇐ Free Gift “More Sex More Often” ebook 

PLM 3D SBOMCover More Sex More Often

Knowing how to use your words to seduce your partner is more important than physical techniques.  We give you the plug and play sentences to use to achieve the intimacy goals you crave.


*Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, “Examining the correlates of psychological flexibility in romantic relationship and family dynamics: A meta-analysis.”

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