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How Women Breathe Through Their Pawssay! (VIDEO)

I call this technique Orgasmic Breathing because it helps prime my body for better, fuller, more explosive orgasms. It gets me turned on much faster.

Pussy breathing. 

Have you ever heard of such a wonderful thing? 

It gets me turned on much faster. It helps my blood flow all over my body, lowers my stress, and also increases my arousal levels. 

If you want to see me demonstrate how I do my pussy breathing techniques, you’ll want to check out my video below. 

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orgasmic breathing


I also call this Orgasmic Breathing because it helps me prime my body into better, fuller, more explosive orgasms. 

You see it’s not always about the thrusting, fingering, kissing, and stroking techniques that make sex phenomenal. 

Something as simple and as underrated as breathing can totally change the game for you and your lover. 

The way a man breathes can help him last longer, feel more pleasure, and have better ejaculatory control and mastery. 

How a woman breathes can also help her experience more pleasurable orgasms and overall sexual experience. 

C’mon (cum on), what are you waiting for? 

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Just because I want you to have safe sex doesn’t mean it should be boring. 

Nope. If you know me, I always love a good steamy sex date. 

You should have some too. 

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