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“Blindfold Bliss” Technique

Hello you, cutie! How are you doing today? Wanna hear about some sensation play ideas?

I’m feeling great. Tim and I just went for a swim in the ocean. It’s November, but the water is still in the mid-’60s (15℃) here in southern California. The waves were BIG today! A storm is coming in. One wave hit me and roiled me in the surf. We watched for a break and ran like heck out past the breakers.

The waves lifted us six feet in the air. It was exhilarating.

Sensation Play Ideas

What a sensation to be lifted high in the air by the force of nature!

Those feelings of exhilaration make life worth living.


Having an exhilarating intimate life is extra sweet.

This is why I want you to play around with something called “sensation play” this week.

Blindfold your lover and awaken their body’s sensual grid. You have proprioceptive receptor cells all over your body. When you stroke, touch, tickle, scratch, tingle, heat, and cool the skin, it awakens more pleasure.

When you remove the sense of sight with a blindfold, it enhances not just the sense of touch/feeling — you can also play with music and scent. Essential oils in your warmed up organic oil… music with didgeridoos, chakra bowls, or other resonant instruments.

What experience can you create for your lover?

The best treat of all is to plan out a sensation play experience and lead your lover through it.

There are some terrific techniques in this week’s email. Please make sure you scroll down and check out all the goodies we teed up for you.

I’m so glad to have you in my life. Thank you for the appetite you bring to your sexuality.

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