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Tending Your Enthusiasm

Cut away all the crap. Get radically honest. It will make your life so much juicer. You’ll value yourself more. Insert yourself into a positive energy cycle.

In each moment, you have a choice.


You can choose to rail against the pandemic, politics, the market… wasting time wishing things were otherwise.

Or you can choose to stay positive in the present moment… tending to your enthusiasm for life.

When you delight in reality and accept it, your life becomes more fluid and pleasant.

I recently had the luxury of spending 70 hours over the last two months locked inside a steel tube, breathing pure oxygen. I was so sick from coronavirus with chronic fatigue and neuro-inflammation that I did hyperbaric oxygen therapy to heal myself. But the only thing to do for those 70 hours was to watch a movie through the porthole in the tank.


What happened? My friend, who drove me to and fro for five days a week, showed up with a box of all the Oscar-nominated movies from the last three years on DVDs for me.

The universe provided just in time.

Then my Dad peacefully passed away last week. When I called my cousin, he said, “I just researched the family cemetery plot situation. I have all the phone numbers of the gravedigger, the funeral home, and the cemetery contact.”

energy cycle


The universe’s supply of goodness is endless.

If you feel wracked by guilt, let it go. If you need approval, free yourself of other’s opinions.

To thine own self be true.

Live life by your own rules instead of acting based on the expectations of others.

Treasure your freedom, maturity, and ability to be self-directed.

Treasure your connections with your friends and family.

If you’re plowing through life with a stony grimness, figure out what lightens you up.

Watch a funny movie. Play games like Gestures and Cranium with your friends. Sit in the sunshine and listen to the birds.

Accept yourself without complaint.


Let go of your body shame. Revel in the unique ability of your body to experience pleasure.

When you savor each moment in life and stay present to the joy surrounding you, you attract more happiness.

Another hallmark of a fully-function human is honesty.

Lying is reality distortion.

Lying is self-delusion.

Cut away all the crap. Get radically honest. It will make your life so much juicer. You’ll value yourself more. You’ll be more transparent, clean, and confident in your interactions with yourself and others.

This is an exciting time to be alive!

Where are you going over the next decade? What do you want to accomplish? What kind of relaxation and happiness do you want to cultivate?

A desire to grow will keep your lust for life thrumming through your veins.

Get up now. Dust yourself off. Project your life plan into the future. Dream big.

Use your present moments to maximize your happiness and fulfillment.

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  1. Hello this program is very very interesting really this can help a lot of people thank you so much for this great job

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