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Human touch and affection.

This is going to be fun! Read more to learn about human touch and affection.

How are you doing today?

I hope you are holding up OK sheltering-in-place or being out in the world.

Here’s my question…

What do you need most right now concerning human touch and affection?

Think about yourself for a second.

Life is so different right now. What are you craving?

Do you need to be held?

A full body massage?

Romantic date night in?

Somebody with whom you can have sensual times?

Something crazy and new to mix up the doldrums?

aroused vulva

There are often two things standing in your way of having what you want:

  1. The first obstacle is not being clear about what exactly will make you feel good.
  2. The second stumbling block is not feeling comfortable asking for what you want.


If you’re lucky enough to have a partner, today I’d like you to ask them for something that would make you feel good.

And if you’re flying solo, you can email me, and I’ll witness your desire.

Because you can’t get what you want until you know what you want and saying it OUT LOUD is the first step toward having what makes you happy.

Please reply to this email and share your deepest desire with me. I get the replies personally. And though I can’t reply to hundreds of responses, I HEAR YOU. I feel you. I am here holding space for your potential.

So practice on me. Get clear on what would make you happiest right now, and then ask me for it.  Your secrets are safe with me, and I genuinely care.

Think of your reply as sending a prayer to the universe for your desires to be fulfilled. This is step one toward having what you want.

My passion is to touch as many people as possible, so I can help you have a lush, intimate life.

And I’m here if you want to share your desires with me if you don’t have a partner. And if you HAVE a partner, I hope you will ask for what you need this week.

Remember, your partner loves you and wants to make you happy. Throw them a bone! Give them some hints! Please don’t make them guess how to make you happy.

human touch

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  1. At times if is if appropriate to have a hug, feelings g your loved, cared for and supportive even if a friend of whatever gender. If a nice guy of your dreams if only that perfect loving g man and yet life can be complex. The main thing is yo be loved and appreciated.

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