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16 Sexy Date Topics

sexy video chat games

In the first article, 8 Sexy Video Chat Date Games, you learned how to play the eight games.

I also told you that there is a six-step sequence you can use to make the entire date tons of fun. This is the story arc, how you create peak pleasure, even over video and especially in person.

How To Set Up For Sexy Video Chat Games

  1. Create Comfort
  2. Check-In With Each Other
  3. Generate Connection Through Conversation
  4. Share Vulnerabilities To Bring You Closer
  5. Play A Game and Throw Yourself Fully Into It (Peak Moment)
  6. End With Gratitude for Your Partner

Now that you know you are going to take a little emotional “ride” together, it’s clear that certain questions are good discussion topics early in a date, and others are better to heat things up. The last questions leave you both on a love high.

These are springboard questions. You may personalize them for your situation.

Create Comfort 

  • How are you filling your days now?
  • Has where you’re going changed?
  • What’s giving your life meaning?
  • Have you been connecting with others?

Check-In With Each Other and Generate Connection Through Conversation

  • What has isolation told you about where your heart is?
  • What has this time alone told you about your deeper desires?
  • Have you lost or gained anything?
  • As a result of slowing down — being contained — have you gotten closer to what you want?

Share Vulnerabilities To Bring You Closer

  • What’s going on in your mind?
  • What’s your relationship with love now?
  • When I look at you, what I think is sexy about you is…
  • What degree of undress would you feel comfortable being in? Shirt off, bra off, sexy outfit, bikini, lingerie, other….
  • How has your relationship with masturbation changed in isolation?
  • What are you longing for the most?

Play A Game and Throw Yourself Fully Into It (Peak Moment) ⇐ Click Here For 8 Games

End With Gratitude for Your Partner

  • 5 things I loved about being with you today are…
  • 5 things I am grateful for during this time together today are…

If you use any of these, let me know how it went. If you have any good Sexy Date Topics, let me know!

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