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How I Re-Opened My Vagina

How I Re-Opened My Vagina

It’s sad when our bodies start to age, especially if you’re a woman who loves sex and your vagina begins to change. Fortunately, the loss of moisture and elasticity doesn’t have to be permanent. If you suffer from painful sex during menopause, read on…

You may remember my friend Jennifer…

I told you about her in a recent email. She recently started dating and was nervous about making love with her new man. She’d gone several years without sex and did not know what to expect, especially after her gynecologist reported that her vulva was “fragile.”

So I told her about a new product for at-home vaginal rejuvenation. She was so excited that she ordered hers right away. Check out this remarkable breakthrough technology and decide for yourself:

A couple of days before Jennifer’s vFit arrived in the mail, she and her new boyfriend got hot and heavy one night. She’d been feeling more hopeful after she ordered her vFit and, with her new beau being so sweet and understanding, she decided to go for it. That turned out to be a bad decision.

“Even though he took plenty of time to get me aroused and ready,” she said, “my vagina just wasn’t up for it. When he tried to enter me, I had to make him stop. The pain was just too intense. It was a burning, searing sensation like my skin was getting ripped open.”

The LAST thing she wanted was to associate his penis with that kind of painful sex during menopause, and she told him so in those exact words.

He understood completely so they backed off and pleasured each other orally.

“I was very grateful I’d ordered my vFit,” she said. “At least that gives me hope. I’m really not ready to be put out to pasture.”

No woman should be put out to pasture, nor have a painful experience like Jennifer. And everyone, men and women alike, can agree that associating a man’s penis with extreme pain would be tragic.

Here’s the thing about aging. We, women, need to be proactive and protect our vaginal health. That’s why I sought out the people at JoyLux and secured an exclusive offer for my readers. Use the link below and enter the code SUSAN when you place your order. You’ll receive a complimentary $65 bottle of revitalizHER,™ their hydrating serum. It’s your gift from JoyLux and me.

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You’ll get even better results if you get some of my organic blood flow supplement and start taking two capsules a day. FLOW replenishes Nitric Oxide in your body. Nitric Oxide relaxes and dilates your blood vessels so blood can circulate more easily, bringing oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, including your genitals. This is super important because blood flow is crucial for sexual satisfaction.

Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling sex life, no matter your age. So get this dynamic trio—

FLOW, VFit, and revitalizHER —and start giving your private parts the special treatment they need right away.

Stay vital and sexually alive!

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