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12 Free Erotic Massage Videos Inside

This week I want to focus on erotic massage techniques.

Your hands are exquisite tools for pleasure. Your fingers have incredible sensory excellence. You can run energy from your fingertips into your lover’s body. And you have more manual dexterous control compared to any other part of your body.

Everyone across the gender spectrum of all ages can experience pleasure from sensual genital massage.

Massage increases blood flow —vital to feeling sensation. You can stimulate specific parts of the genital anatomy with a massage.

Sensual massage has a calming effect on your nervous systems. When you touch for your own pleasure or receive pleasure from touching, it amplifies mutual arousal.

Erotic massage can be used as a sexual healing tool — for reversing trauma. It can be used to heighten and improve orgasmic response. It can reverse atrophy and tissue loss from aging, hormonal decline, and loss of nitric oxide production that happens as we age.

Hands-on pleasuring both to the Yoni (her parts) and Lingam (his parts) is an underserved area of mutual pleasure.

There are hundreds of touch techniques you can utilize. You can focus on G-Spot or P-Spot massage. You can begin an Expanded Orgasm practice. You can release a woman’s feminine waters.

The pleasures that come with erotic massage are endless. Yet when was the last time you set a date for manual erotic massage with no strings attached?

Often, if there’s an expectation to “go further,” it actually reduces the willingness of a partner to receive pleasure from manual genital massage.

Why not set up a sensual date with your partner to simply explore erotic massage this week? If you’re single, why not do a video chat and show each other some pleasuring techniques you enjoy?

Don’t miss the playlist called Erotic Massage along with our other amazing articles from this week.

Erotic Massage Playlist

If you end up having an erotic massage session, email me and let me know about your experience. I love to hear your stories!

If you are afraid to ask your partner for one, do it anyway. Take the risk of asking for what you need and desire.

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