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Playful Session With Your Sweetie?

This week, I shared one of my BetterLover videos about this couple’s intimacy technique that takes you both up the learning curve behind closed doors. (All twenty-one of these “sandbox dates” are described below.)

This playful session is called “Sharing Favorite Frames.” 

Today, I’m going to dive a little deeper into it.

Frames are a descriptive snapshot of shared experience.

If your partner enjoys it when you talk to them, and you enjoy talking about intimacy together, the Favorite Frames technique expands and deepens your experience.

But let’s assume they are shy and that social conditioning makes them feel shameful speaking about this topic. Try to make them feel more comfortable, but ask a tiny, easy-to-answer question, such as, “When we made love last time, what did you like best?”

Ask them to say, “I liked it when…” and give one example they are comfortable sharing.

Think about this exercise as a frame. A frame is a border around a picture — a snapshot in time or a short sequence.

I like to share my favorite frames after making love so my partner can take even more pleasure in experiencing my experience as I tell him about it.

People find they enjoy reliving specific date experiences, and also they find they can enjoy new details that they missed at the time.

You might think this happens only when you hear your partner’s frames, but I think you’ll find that when you share a frame, you will recall something you missed.

Talk about your experience during (if appropriate) and afterward:

This is done in a specific way.

Each of you shares one specific frame — or snapshot in time — of the experience that relates to something you felt in your body that you enjoyed.

For example, John might say, “Sue, when I hugged you more tightly as we kissed, I noticed you relaxing and letting go. I felt a warm rush of energy and love for you.”

And then Sue might say, “John, when you took me in your arms, I felt my whole body sink to a new level of letting go and opening up, and this rush of sensation came up through my lady bits that then shot right up into my belly, like white-hot heat.”

As you’re getting started, I recommend you share frames relating to your dates, such as:

• How the room looked or felt

• The music you liked, and its effect on you

• Specifics about your partner’s appearance that pleased you

• And your experiences during the physical and communication components of the date

At other times, you may find it fun to share frames around non-date moments, such as how delighted you were when he fixed your computer or how much you enjoyed being surprised when she cooked your favorite dinner – and even cleaned up afterward.

Susan says it’s like a look back through your body’s senses. And that Sharing Frames increases your gratitude for each other.

Try it! 

Be willing to be beginners together. 

The feminine especially enjoy this kind of conversation where you share your sensual experience of your time with her.

In my program, Expand Her O Tonight, there are 21 of these exercises crafted for soulmates to explore more intimacy. 

Experience these playful lab sessions to be transformed as a lover forever!

  1. Sharing Favorite Frames
  2. The Centering Breath (The Grounding Cycle)
  3. The Centering Breath (Short Form)
  4. Entraining Your Being with Your Heart
  5. Red Dot Exercise
  6. Responsible Grounding after the Date
  7. Touching with Feedback
  8. Asking for Changes
  9. Questions to Consider and Discuss
  10. Genital Grounding (grounding at the end of the date)
  11. The Clock Method Process
  12. Breathing Together
  13. Play Stop/Start
  14. Touch for Rapture
  15. The Spreading Breath
  16. The Three Opening Strokes
  17. Touching from Center to Center (Touching All of You with All of Me)
  18. Basic Kinds of Touches
  19. Basic Strokes
  20. Feel Your Thinking/Think Your Feelings
  21. Alternative Do Positions and Special Situations

I can’t think of anything more fun than being with your partner and learning new bedroom skills at a time when the world is topsy-turvy.

Susan Reflection

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