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Increasing Penis Size Will Yield Great Benefits!

strong bull increasing penis size will give you benefits

See the difference when you focus on increasing penis size.

“I had sex with my lady for the first time in weeks without going limp during the act.”

Happy days! Here’s another first-hand account of success reversing ED and increasing penis size using The Whopper penis pump.

Abe writes…

“I am an older guy with a beautiful lady friend.

I must admit I was skeptical when I started with The Whopper penis pump.

However, I am on about the third week.

I am already seeing a difference when I am flaccid.

More importantly, I’m seeing a difference when I have an erection!

The first week was literally hell as I got sore. I had to back off.

Then I started again and it is incredible!

My girth is half again as big as it was.

I will continue to pump and hope the gains in the future are as good as the recent gains.

I also suffer from ED, but I believe my ED is somewhat improved.

Had sex with my lady for the first time in weeks without going limp during the act.”


Hi Abe,

Glad to hear the pumping is working. You did what guys always do… you went too strong on the vacuum too fast. I’m constantly telling guys to follow the directions and take it slow… Increasing penis size will yield you benefits!

If you just follow the directions in my Pumping Guide you’ll get the fastest gains in the shortest time. Trying to rush actually sets you back, as you found out.


And yes, pumps don’t make much, if any difference to flaccid penis size. And they work faster on girth.

But The Whopper is the only pump designed to help in increasing penis size. So stick with it and using the larger tube with your testicles inside along with your penis. This is what pulls on the suspensory ligament to lengthen your penis.

Your erectile firmness during sex will also continue to improve as you pump. Wait until you’ve done the 13-week program!

Are you taking my FLOW supplement? Take two every morning, then take another two a half-hour before pumping. Take two a half hour before making love as well. This will allow more blood to flood into your penis, increasing size and firmness.

Have your wife take FLOW as well. It increases vaginal lubrication and heightens sensation when you get her lady parts full of blood during foreplay.

FLOW also helps increase pleasure sensations for you both.

Here’s the link:

If you’re not taking a daily vitamin-mineral, both of you might want to try our Libido Trio. You can share the 90-day supply. It helps with recovery from pumping, increases free hormone circulation and supports your immune system function — very important these days.

Here’s the direct link to the libido vitamins, or you can just place in your cart and save on shipping when you place your order for FLOW. You’ll get offered to add them to your FLOW order too.

Both you and your wife will benefit from taking FLOW and our libido vitamins.

One of my customers just sent this to me today:

“My cravings for my husband and many other things have made our intimacy more vibrant.”

Start with Boost, take two capsules a day per person. When it’s gone, take two capsules of Desire per day until it’s gone. Then take two capsules a day per person of Drive.

See how the botanicals make each of you feel.

FLOW+TRIO - essential vitamins and minerals

The FLOW will increase the blood carrying capacity of your penis pumping routine, giving you faster gains. The Libido Vitamins will help with recovery from the pumping and your sex drive should increase!

When you try them, please send me a report.

I appreciate you writing to me so very much.

Libido Trio
Pumping Guide for The Whopper
FLOW Blood Flow Supplement

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