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“How to weed women out who will drive you CRAZY.” (Mailbag)

“Could have saved me lots of time in relationships.”

Gary is a single, 56 year old man who realized the power of knowing what he truly wants in a relationship with a woman….

⇒ Find Out Your Top 4 Relationship Values


I recently purchased the Relationship Magic ebook.

Despite being a 56 year old guy, I never realized knowing my top four relationship values is the key to actually weed out women quickly.

I am actually looking forward to my next date, as I think we share at least two or more values from the conversations we have had. One is fidelity (we shared stories of being cheated on) and the other is acceptance of who we are on the inside, and that this will change as we grow.

I wish I had known this stuff years ago. Knowing my relationship values could have saved me lots of time in relationships that were either based on her looks or my money.



Don’t waste your time dating the wrong women. Get laser focused about finding a woman who can truly make your life blissful.

I know dating is hard. Even getting a date with a woman is difficult.

But it’s WAY MORE difficult to spend time, money and your heart space on a gal who is not going to pan out in the end.

Do this simple exercise in this Relationship Magic workbook so you will KNOW she’s the right one for you.

I’ve sold over 25,000 copies of this itty bitty eBook. It’s also great if you’re in a relationship to get crystal clear about how your partner can make you ecstatically happy —and how you can do the same for them.


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Understanding each other’s relationship values is what SAVED my marriage. I finally understood Tim’s behavior and really got him.

We’ve been so happy ever since doing the exercise I put in this workbook.

Let me help you have a lifetime of a happy relationship.

⇒ Find Out Your Top 4 Relationship Values

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