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My Body Of Work…TIGHT

One of my fans sent me an email about how he has studied the work I do:

“Good morning, Susan. I am really excited today because I think I just figured out some things. 

“Couples in long term relationships need to be doing three things to ensure great sex throughout their marriage. 

  1. A great relationship (where trust is at the foundation and you feel safe (physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually) and comfortable with the person). You can depend on them. I call this the WARMTH OF SEXUAL DESIRE. 
  2. The couple taps into the primal areas of the masculinity/femininity dynamic i.e (assertive (fully ready to competently provide pleasure) / receptivity (fully open to receive full pleasure)….. this produces what I call the HOTNESS OF SEXUAL DESIRE. 
  3. When you have the foundation of full sexual desire (warmth and hotness) you can fully explore the pleasure that your bodies can fully emit. 

There are so many pleasure spots our bodies have other than our genitals — GO EXPLORE. 

There are many techniques that will bring us closer together and connect – GO EXPLORE. 

There are so many ways for us to physically orgasm — GO EXPLORE. 

It’s this exploration adventure that will increase our sexual pleasure. But you need the warmth and hot foundation to fully explore. 

This kind of sexual experience only deepens our connection and intimacy with one another to help us do our main job, which is to help our life partner become more of who they are and become everything they are capable of becoming; releasing them into the universe to live a life of impact and service based on who they authentically are (self-actualization) — leaving a legacy when they die. 

Everyone on their deathbed wants to know “they mattered” not how many times they orgasmed but how many times they orgasm will help them down a process to live a life where “they mattered”. 

Susan, this post really helps me understand your body of work in Personal Life Media. 

Warmth of sexual desire – Relationship Magic 

Hotness of sexual desire – Sexual Soulmate Pact

Sexual Exploration  Adventure – the entire Personalifemedia resources. 

Based on the research of your work — when you have the foundation of relationship magic and agree to the soulmate pact — you gain the ability to explore your sexual union fully and give yourself an opportunity to selflessly serve your spouse to self-actualization in real life. “


Perfect. You nailed it, sweetie.

Now all that’s left to do is to actually put it to use and keep at it.

And as for you, if you’re wondering where you could find the resources he talks about, I’m going to link them below.

Relationship Magic ⇐ The Super Glue That Sticks Relationships Together For Good (This Is The Foundation Of Everything I Teach) 

Sexual Soulmate Pact ⇐ The Two-Word Phrase That Ignites Passionate Intimacy In Your Relationship (Ensures Couples Stay On The Same Page No Matter What) 

Steamy Sex Ed ⇐ Over 200 Slow, Sensual, And Heart-Connected Intimacy Techniques For Lovers (Going On Sale SOON, Get On The VIP List) 

Passion Patch ⇐ The ONE Place To Touch Her That Turns A Woman On Instantly 

Blow Job Secret ⇐ Sloane Fox’s Most Intense Blowjob Secrets To Get The Best Head Ever 

Revive Her Drive ⇐ How To Bring Back Your Woman’s Drive And Desire For Intimacy And Passionate Lovemaking 

Female Liquid Orgasm ⇐ Become A Master At Teaching Your Woman To Squirt Fountains 

Keep Her Coming – Powerful Techniques And Secrets To Make Your Woman Multi-Orgasmic 

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight ⇐ Couples Playdate Exercise That Gives Women The Most Exhilarating Orgasm That Lasts Over 30 Minutes 

Multi-Orgasmic Lover For Men ⇐ Tantric Techniques That Give Men The Ability To Last All Night Long, Trigger A Woman’s Orgasms From Intercourse And Have Multiple Orgasms Together 

FLOW ⇐ World’s First Nitric Oxide Supplement That Enhances Your Blood Flow (Promotes Better Erections For Men, More Sensation For Women, And More Pleasurable Lovemaking For All) 

TRIO ⇐ Daily Libido Vitamins That Boosts Sexual Vitality, Lets You Feel The Throb Of Desire And Brings Back The Drive To Your Life And Sex Life 

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