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“Vampire Facelift” Using Your Blood (VIDEO)

Ever heard of the Vampire Facelift? 

That’s what Kim Kardashian called this natural, regenerative facial skin treatment. She made it famous, but it’s also available to regular humans. I’ve had MANY of these and am scheduled for another. 

The actual name of this is called a PRP Facelift. PRP comes from healing factors in your blood, put into the skin of your face, neck, and decolletage to make it younger and springier.

Many people are getting these PRP facial rejuvenation treatments instead of or in addition to lasering and botox. This includes both men and women. 

Men are embracing “brotox” and facials. But at the same time, people are starting to talk about how many facial procedures are toxic. Not so with PRP, as it comes from your own body and is 100% natural.

When Robyn does my PRP facial, her nurse uses a skin pen to drive the PRP into the skin and then she also thickens the PRP and uses it as a filler. I love using PRP instead of dermal fillers because it’s rebuilding my body’s own tissue – instead of putting in artificial fillers.

I’m with my friend Dr. Robyn Benson in today’s video at her Santa Fe office. We break down this treatment that uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from your blood…

To give you a natural facelift.

This procedure turns our degenerative aging process into a regenerative healing process that gives you brighter, more youthful skin.

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ Natural Facelift Using PRP From Your Blood (And Other Sexual Regenerative Treatments)


This is part of a video playlist about regenerative treatments I’ve done with Dr. Robyn Benson. You also get to see the other videos in the same playlist. 

In these videos, we talk about other interesting topics like:

  • Using PRP for Sexual Regeneration, PRP for Hair Restoration
  • GAINSWave, PRP Treatments, and Penis Pumps 
  • The Orgasm Shot or O-Shot for Her Clitoris and Vagina

And more…

Check Out My Video Here ⇐ Natural Facelift Using PRP From Your Blood (And Other Sexual Regenerative Treatments)

While we’re on rejuvenating treatments using elements of your blood, which is entirely safe and sound…

One of the best ways to maintain and watch your current health (and keep yourself healthy) is to track your hormone levels. 

Previously this would be a chore as most people didn’t know where to get the proper tests and turn to for advice regarding the results. Not anymore.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Marek Health.

They make it super easy to check your levels and get professional medical advice, premium and effective hormone replacement therapy, and other services if needed.

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Susan With Rachel Varga
This is me with Rachel Varga, a biohacking skin care expert who’s podcast I’m on soon. I’ll make sure you send you the link.

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