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Thank you… and Congratulations


You deserve to hear this.

“Thank you… and Congratulations!”

You’ve been reading our emails each week and it shows you’re taking the initiative to improve your relationships and intimate life.

And you should be super proud of that.

You’re one of the half-million good souls who regularly take the initiative…

To learn new and exciting things about your sexuality.

With over 7.6 billion people in the world… That number is a grain of sand in an ocean.

A lot of singles settle and stay single. Giving up on the chance to connect physically and emotionally on a deeper, more intimate level with another special human being on this planet.

A lot of couples put up with a boring, sexless relationship.

And they’re fine with that. They don’t give a darn about exploring and expanding their own pleasure or offering ever-flowing pleasure to their partners.

They settle with being glorified roommates.

However… YOU on the other hand. You’re different.

You’ve already “WON.”

Count yourself as part of a movement of intimacy seekers not willing to live a boring, plain-old-vanilla life.

You want it raw, wild, passionate, intimate, steamy, sensual and phenomenal.

You may not have the hottest intimate life or the sweetest, most passionate relationship that you want at the moment…

But you’re working on it.

And every single day you’re getting closer and closer to achieving it. And you know it.

That’s why today, I want to thank and congratulate you.

For being the person who works on yourself, your relationship, your pleasure portfolio, and even on your partner.

That’s why I’ve been working hard to share what I know and what I’ve experienced to more and more people.

That’s why I’m giving you wonderful articles each day. That’s why I send you informative videos each week.

To help you achieve the relationship and intimate life you’ve always wanted.

As well as spread the “good news of love and passion” to more seekers just like you.

Keep growing. Keep learning.

Keep loving. And keep making love.

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