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Sensation Loss? (Mailbag)

Sensation Loss? (Mailbag)


Happy 2020. Less orgasmic intensity?

Happy New Year!

2020 is the year of sexual regenerative therapies, treatments and supplements.

Though this email goes into detail about budget to outrageous luxury of men’s sensitivity, women suffer from sensation loss equally as much. Read this if you are feeling less pleasure than you used to.

Dear Susan,

I recently gave up porn cold-turkey when I realized that desensitization might be part of my current issue. What can you tell me about sensation loss in my member?


Hi Steven,

I am glad you gave up porn. It’s somebody else’s agenda for your life. Better to use your fantasy and to spend the time you would have used watching porn to flirt and meet prospective lovers or give your woman full-body massages.

Desensitization affects all men and women as we age. You may not feel you’re getting as tumescent (full of blood in your genitals). You may experience less pleasure. You may notice it is harder to achieve climax. You may notice the orgasms don’t feel as good as they used to.

As you age your body gets less blood flow, the tissue atrophies, your nerves begin to recede… it sucks! However, there are some easy things you can do. The solutions I outline in this email range from simple and low-budget (but still highly effective) to outrageous luxury.

A lot of desensitization stems simply from a lack of blood flow. Tim and I just today received our very first shipment of our new sexual vitality supplement, FLOW.


This is the world’s first organic supplement made from real food that increases your body’s ability to send blood to your genitals (as well as your fingers, toes, head and heart).

As we age our Nitric Oxide eNOS pathways diminish. We simply can’t get blood through our capillary system as we did in our youth.

Some people experience heavy legs, brain fog, memory loss, lack of concentration, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, tingly fingers, restless legs, cold hands and feet, swollen ankles, digestive issues, joints and muscles cramping, fatigue, changes in skin color, ulcers in the legs or feet, varicose veins, loss of erection, less sensation in their genitals, even a lack of vaginal lubrication — blood flow matters for so many functions! A whole host of issues happen because of diminished eNOS signaling, especially atherosclerotic coronary and cerebral artery disease from hypertension.

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase is where your blood vessels, which normally have tone, relax and the blood flows. When eNOS signaling is impaired, our vasodilation is diminished. This means less sensation or desensitization of the genitals among other things.

Just as your hormone production declines with age, your ability to produce the nitric oxide for vasodilation diminishes. Giving your body either arginine or citrulline is the fuel that makes nitric oxide.

Many people are bothered by arginine —it exacerbates herpes and it’s hard on the liver. Citrulline is converted by the renal system into arginine that your body then uses to get the blood to more easily flow throughout your body.

The more blood flow you have to your genitals, the more sensation you experience. I wonder if you’d be willing to try FLOW for 90 days, along with your no porn diet, to see if your sensation improves?

The combination of reverting to fantasy rather than porn, along with the vasodilator of FLOW should be a big improvement.

The other things you can stack onto these two foundational strategies include (from least expensive to most expensive) using a penis pump every other day to stimulate new nerves, blood vessels and tissue growth in your penis.

The Whopper is the ONLY “vacuum erection device” I recommend and nearly 1,500 men who follow me are currently pumping for increased pleasure, tissue growth, enlargement and to reverse erectile dysfunction.

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If you can also afford GAINSWave treatments, get them. OMG you will fall in love with your dick all over again.

GAINSWave (Use my promo code BETTER to get a 7th treatment free)

And for the cherry on top of the cake, add in a PRP shot to your penis renovation plan.

The PRP is healing factors from your own blood put into your penis tissue. It also regenerates tissue, including nerve tissue for enhanced sensitivity and function.

And if you have plenty of cash for restorative treatments, the gold standard is stem cells into the penile tissue. There are a couple of ways you can do this, exogenous mesenchymal stem cells or stem cells harvested from your bone marrow such as state-of-the-art Caverstem from Switzerland which uses posterior iliac crest bone harvesting or from your adipose tissue and injected into your penis.

Reply to my email and I will tell you who I recommend —there are only a couple of people I’d trust with this and I know who has the best price for the treatment.

Let me know your further questions.

How cool is regenerative sexual medicine??? OMG!

Don’t forget to do the simplest thing. Start taking my organic FLOW nitric oxide supplement.

LET IT FLOW ⇐ Two little capsules a day and more before pumping.

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